Kick Buttowski (Kick Buttowski Hero Concepts)

Role: Damage
Position: Front-Line
Trial Team: Red
Star Beginning: :star:

Victory: Punch Dance
Defeat: Dizzy


White Skill: Ball Boost
:facepunch:Normal Damage

Green Skill: Kick and Punch
:facepunch:Normal Damage

Blue Skill: Skateboard Race
:shield:TRUE Damage

Purple Skill: Kick Power
:facepunch:Normal Damage

Red Skill: Kick Buttowski
:facepunch:Normal Damage

Friendships: Fred Fredrickson and Ron Stoppable

Your skills and friendship campaign need details.


Way more details, mostly Red Skill and Purple Skill are passive. Sometimes Purple Skill deals passive damage.

If i were you, i’d say

White Skill: Ball Boost :facepunch:
Takes 3 balls and does a spin off and throws 1 ball real hard, dealing damage and dealing 3 seconds of DoT, as in Damage over Time

Green Skill: Kick and Punch
He increases his ATK SPD whenever an ally uses thier White Skill and Green Skill, the best i can think of.

Blue Skill: Skateboard Race :facepunch:
At the start of each wave, rides his skateboard over the battlefield, dealing damage to all enemies.

I have no extras to Purple Skill and Red Skill, plus a basic attack, if none, just passive on white skill.

Like this

White Skill: XXX
Passive: instead of a basic attack, he/ she whatever
Active: then the skill

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