Kidnap the sandy claus(character concept 6)

Lock shock and barrel are front-line :star::star: tank heroes.

Basic attack:6000
Skill power:4800

Quote:" jack sent for us, specifically, by name, lock!! Shock!! Barrel!!"

Entrance:lock shock and barrels walking bathtub walks onto the battlefield in which then it stops and the trio pops out holding weapons.

Victory:the three begin pointing and laughing at the enemies.

Defeat:the three fall into their walking bathtub. As it retreats.

Basic attack:lock uses his bone slingshot, shock uses a witch broom and barrel uses his trusty lollipop to attack.


White:blow them up(normal damage)

The three pull out a cannon from the tub and shoots at the enemies. Dealing x amount of damage to three foes.

(Based off a segment from the "kidnap the sandy claws scene from “the nightmare before Christmas”)

Green:we got him!!!

The trio traps a random enemy in one of their sacks.

While the enemy in question is “sacked” they are unable to attack and their speed is decreased.

Blue:mystery box(true damage)

When they get close to a enemy with the lowest health. Shock pulls out a locked box and opens it…unleashing three scorpions onto the enemy and instantly ko’s that enemy.

Purple:trick or treat!!!

The trio throws candy into the air which heals allies for x amount and increases their attack speed.

Orange:oogies henchmen

Everytime a ally damages a enemy thats been “sacked” lock shock and barrel gains x amount of energy.


Oogies boys/jack skellington
A new plan
Unlocks at lv 120
Allies: sally, robin hood, yax

Oogies boys “we got him” skill now slowly damages the enemy its used on.

Oogies boy/hades
New henchmen
Unlocks at lv 126
Allies:max goof, jack sparrow, gyro gearloose

The trios attacks now deal extra damage when attacking a “sacked” enemy.

Dr finklestein/oogies boys
Coming soon

next two characters


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Well, I mean there are a few problems in this. Orange skill for one… But I’d empty my bank account for these three, so points for even thinking of them. I’ve cosplayed as lock a few times, the triplets are my favorite.

It would be nice to see them fighting inside the walking bathtub as a unit, kinda like how Boo sits on Sulley. The rest of the kit is fun, but not too revolutionary.

I like the concept of lock, shock and barrel riding around in their walking bathtub. Although, I don’t really think they’ll add-on skills for any of the characters, let alone for future characters.