Kim - Failure from 2019 in 2021

Like I said I’m using her and she is doing nothing wrong for me

Well yes, she’s doing nothing wrong, but she’s doing absolutely nothing in terms of damage in comparison to other 2020 heroes.

So essentially, your Kim is hard carried by your Joy disk and not her damage output, which is something she needs in order to be more in line with the rest of the 2020 heroes literally everyone else.

sorry for making this argument longer than it should be.

Just by screenshot.

  • Lower HP than Amelia (over 1M less) and heroes after (Bunsen for example has 12M)
  • No working armor negation
  • Amount of normal crit makes her red skill completely useless
  • Still confused why she even got that tenacity badge…
  • Poor evasion

Agreed to everything. Kim really really needs this. I feel terribly sorry for her. :pensive: :cry:


@polaris please make sure kim will be refershed in the next update

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That’s a nice step to make Kim slightly… less the-worst-hero of 2020, with weak 2019 stats.

But, well, 215 armor negation still doesn’t work, it’s closer, but still not.

So, I hope Kim will get at least 2 or 3 more times this badge in next rank(s), it will help with her terrible armor negation. :slight_smile:

As well, she needs evasion badges, and the refresh suggested above.

And something else, Vanellope, big thanks for adding to her the very needed reality negation, hope the trend will keep up :smiley:
Quite a lot of waiting, but finally!



Will she get a refresh at some point, her numbers and stats are pathetic. @Polaris

(It does 5 kicks, it does AoE damage and she has crit damage stat)

Kim has 1M HP less than Pleakley, 2M HP less than Amelia, 3M less than Manticore and Jumba, 3M less than Bunsen and 3M less than any further non-tank hero, 12M less than new tanks. This is incredible unfair how she have less HP even than older heroes.

Poor HP in compare
Poor damage - lowest in 2020 and lower than many of 2019 and 2018
No negation
Terrible evasion
No crit damage stat
Useless red skill


And Madame Mim makes the situation worse thanks to her new Hexing abilities.


Please. Use Musk’s knowledge, @Polaris.

She definetely will, and why does everyone say musk when talking about WaitingsadKitty?

Because Musketeer was his original name.

It kinda stuck with us because he used it for so long.

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Oh, thank you

Are you now happy? Ta-da…

And on topic, Kim is terrible, refresh her PB, please.

Can’t say I like it more than the rest…

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Oof i got disapointed from kim not getting refersh but mim getting refersh instead

Another week of waiting…

Now that this is revived…maybe have the DW disk weaken the Monitored enemy instead of blocking scares…

I mean… the idea is to block debuffs.

Just like the old DW disk?

Yeah. Exactly.

Have the montiored enemy deal less damage (4% per star level) and make it take more damage from Kim (12% per star level)

On rush…

  • X SP
  • X BD
  • Kim and allies heal X HP per second when Monitored enemy is alive
  • When Monitored enemy is KO’D, Kim and allies gain 200 energy (200 per star)
  • Monitored enemy received 30% more damage from all sources (30% per star ; same effect as the old version)

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