So as pretty much everyone knows we have been waiting for Kim for what feels like an eternity!
Yes we’ve had a couple of small updates on her progress in the past, however recently WHAT’S HAPPENING! Like is she coming or not?

So @Polaris is there any info you can give us?
We would appreciate anything you can tell us, some Kimmunication on the sitch of this Kimcident, thanks!
(Jasmine news would be much appreciated too but I can’t think of any fun words for her)
And welcome back!


So many Kim puns. I feel like I’ve just been Kim-powed


It’s just Kimcident or Kimstrophe (catastrophe).
Hope Scrooge will not end like she.


Scrooge? I don’t see him on the wiki

The richest duck going to be added soon.

Sadly, too late for me.


Don’t listen to anything wiki says anyone can edit it

Actually, it’s on good hands (yet).
Trustful source for now…



Oh man, so there is a chance he could be added. Maybe.

I heard that Scrooge will only be a dialog character, not playable. Well Scrooge will might be playable if Shank and Jasmine first started as dialog characters and made it to the game.

Kim will likely come in the next anniversary update…

Don’t forget gonzo will also be a dialogue character tomorrow when animal and miss piggy arrive for the update

No one’ll see Gonzo until Wednesday

And boom, of course no respond from our great support.

AND Kim Possible gone from well known website.

How they want to keep players? With silence and giving new things just to whales?

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Well it looks like they won’t get her either.

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Well guys at least we tried!
But I don’t think we’re going to get anything from perblue

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That’s really sad.

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Two things A We can fully say he is in cause they are not adding Gonzo. B The wiki has currently correctly got every hero prediction

Complete offtop, but here we are…

or just missing information this time??


Ok if we say gonzo got into the game what could he do

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A lot of things based on his outfit he could use his motorcycle which also means he could be Gaston’s second disk

I don’t feel like we need three muppets characters if it’s not Kermit