King Auther

King Auther, Sword in the stone. Quote: I don’t know anything about ruling a country. Basic Attack. Swings sword. White attack: Long live the king. Enemy’s bow down to him and receive 200 damage. Green Attack mirical appears. A light shine down giving everyone 100 plus health. Blue Attack ABCs. Auther gives them a lesson and dumbs then down. Literally. Purple Attack. Turns into a fish/squirrel/ bird hybrid and freezes enemies in their tracks for 10 seconds



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Sin Counter

  • “Auther” (+5)
  • Unorganized (+3)
  • The White Skill’s skill name is already taken. As a line and a skill name. (+2)
  • How will the enemy’s bow down? Too complicated (+1)
  • “Mirical” (+2)
  • Pretty sure Arthur isn’t in Kindergarten (+1)
  • What will dumbing enemies down do? (+1)
  • Arthur only turned into a squirrel/fish/ bird because of Merlin’s magic (+1)
  • Hybrid? Do you even know what a hybrid is? (+1)
  • How can a squirrel/fish/bird freeze an enemy? (+1)
  • Too long of a freeze, especially when it is without a disk (+1)

Final Sin Counter: 19


“I’m sorry what?”


I’m not even sure I know what a hyprid is. (+1)

Final Sin Counter: 1

:wink: Just teasing

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Lol. I type too fast

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I also made a concept on him too. Just searched up “The Kid Who Will Be King.” It was the first concept I made: The kid who will be king (Arthur Pendragon character concept)

And a hybrid is when two different animals of different species breed on each other. Like if a donkey marries a horse (that could happen) and their offspring is a mule. And a mule is a hybrid.

I know what it is good sir :grin: he made a typo and said hyprid, you will see if you check my quote. So I was teasing him about his comment. Cuz the way it was worded, that’s all.

Just having some good fun.

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Well “marry” wouldn’t be the word for it…

Or breed…