King Candy and Sour Bill Hero Concept

King Candy and Sour Bill, :star: :star:, Support, Backline.
Team Trials: Red.
King Candy: “Have some candy!”
Sour Bill: “Mmmkay.”
Bio: King Candy and Sour Bill have their candy and they are ready for action.
Entrance: King Candy walks in with Sour Bill carrying his cape.
Victory: King Candy jumps for joy while Bill waves his hands in the air.
Defeat: King Candy glitches and Sour Bill rolls his eyes.
Basic Attack: King Candy grabs Sour Bill and rolls him across the battlefield, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Want Some Candy?
King Candy gives out candy to allies, healing X HP and giving allies a 35% speed boost for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: Sour Bill Brawl.
Sour Bill will punch an enemy twice and kick an enemy once, dealing X damage and stunning the enemy for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: It’s Turbo Time!
King Candy glitches and turns into Turbo, then jumping into his go kart and driving at an enemy, dealing X damage and knockback to enemies close by.

Purple Skill: Let Me Help.
King Candy and Sour Bill grant allies X Max HP after using Want Some Candy.

Red Skill: Turbo! Turbo! Turbo!!
It’s Turbo Time deals 65% more damage and 50% more chance for a critical hit.
-65% more speed for 10 seconds.
-75% more attack for 15 seconds.

Friendship 1: K/S and Vanellope.
Campaign Story: Internet Explorers. “King Candy and Sour Bill are using Vanellope to get on the Internet.”
Disk: Surfing On The Internet.
Green Skill deals 55% more damage.

Friendship 2: K/S and Ralph.
Campaign Story: Wreck It! “King Candy and Sour Bill are meeting Ralph and making a plan to get back the Sugar Rush arcade machine.”
Disk: Fixer Upper.
After using the basic attack, King Candy and Sour Bill is granted with a shield that lasts for 6 seconds.

Extra Bonus:
This cute Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kid funko pop.

This Bill Cipher funko pop (i thought it was cool so i added it.)

And this Pink Bunny Peep funko pop.

If you enjoyed, that is good. :slightly_smiling_face:


10/10, I have bill Funko and I love king candy

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i’m happy you like this.

Wouldnt vanllope suspect king candy trying to use her? King candy is why vanlope forgoten who she is since king candy messed with her code sour bill admited this in wreck it ralph

well, still, what if something happened on the way to The Internet?

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