King of the Monsters | Concept

This is probably the most difficult concept i’ve made so far, took almost a month to made it but i think i’m pretty okay with the result, anyways feedbacks are always appreciated.


As a king of the monsters, Godzilla will never stop at his foes who dares to oppose him or at anything who dares to destroy nature.


Stars: :star::star:
Role: Tank
Position: Middle
Team: Blue


Entrance: Godzilla walks to his position then roars at enemies.

Basic Attack: Godzilla stomps the ground which creates a crack that hits enemies.

Victory: Godzilla roars at the sky.

Defeat: Godzilla roars weakly as he falls to the ground.


White Skill: Atomic Breath
(Fantastic Damage)
Godzilla unleashes his atomic breath towards the Most Wanted enemy for 6 seconds, dealing X damage to them for the duration, and dealing X damage to the enemies nearby. Godzilla is invincible while activating this skill.

In his Burning Form, Godzilla releases a thermonuclear wave to all enemies three times, dealing X damage to them each hit and removes all buffs from them.

Green Skill: King of the Monsters
(Fantastic Damage)
After Godzilla uses “Atomic Breath”, Godzilla roars at enemies, silencing them and reduces their basic damage by X. If they are already disabled, they are dealt X damage.

Blue Skill: Burning Form
(Fantastic Damage)
For the first time in each wave Godzilla is reduced to 1 HP, Godzilla turns into his Burning Form, regenerates for full HP and gains Z max HP. Enemies nearby Godzilla also takes X damage each second for 8 seconds after Godzilla regenerates.

This is how his Burning Form looks like

Purple Skill: The Great Monster
Everytime Godzilla becomes invincible, Godzilla heals himself for X HP.

Red Skill: Titan Saviour
When Godzilla has reaches 1 HP, has activates “Burning Form”, but has a remaining ally, Godzilla turns back to his original form and regenerates for 50% of his HP, then activates “King of the Monsters”.

When Godzilla is KO’d, the remaining allies gains the last buffs he has and heals for X HP.

+Z damage to “Atomic Breath”
+Z armor
+Z reality


  • Godzilla/Hercules

Campaign: City Saviours
Disk: Titan Justice (He)
Invincibility Lasts Longer
+X skill power to Godzilla and allies.
Everytime an ally becomes invincible, Godzilla also becomes invincible.
Invincibility on Godzilla lasts 1 (+1 per star) seconds longer.

  • Godzilla/Dr. Bunsen and Beaker

Campaign: A Gigantic Monster
Disk: Monster Research (Bu)
Debuffs Invincible Enemies
+X max HP
Invincible enemies has their skill power reduced by X.
Invincible enemies’ attack and movement speed are slowed by 35% (+10% per star).


Alice: Finally a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

Btw, for how much time? Is it the same length as the ally’s invincible?

Great Concept!


Why does this make me laugh so hard??

Yes that’s correct

If alice would battle godzila he smash her to death literly he is much stronger and durable and no one who dares oposing him staying alived would use the hercules disc there are few heros who using invicabilty anyway

King Kong:




That should be the next Godzilla movie.

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No alice would get wreckt if she fought godzila

As would anyone…

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Rick Sanchez: allow me to introduce myself

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