Kingdom Hearts character ideas

I would really like to see Kingdom Hearts implemented in some way shape or form. It’s a really good franchise and it uses disney and Pixar characters as well

character idea: Sora
1 star
Placement: front
Class: control, healer, damage
Alternate costume: KH3 outfit

Basic attack: swing the keyblade forward

Intro: Sora stands there before magicking his Keyblade

Victory: Sora stands there in the same position but upright and smiling

White skill: Ars Arcanum
A move from Kh2 and 3 that any fan will know

Green skill: potion
Sora throws a potion into the air to the player with the least hp

Blue skill: Keyblade toss
Sora throws his Keyblade like a boomerang doing damage on the way back as well

Purple skill: My friends are my power
For every round, Sora’s speed is increased for every opponent that dies and if someone is downed during that, it’ll have a chance of bringing them back.

Red skill: May your heart be your guiding key
Before a round, Sora will raise a glowing Keyblade up into the air and will put the heart effect on allies

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Well, let just say that it’s unlikely for them to come

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If we were to get sora it would probably be to promote a kingdom hearts game

But good idea nonetheless

I’d love Kingdom Hearts…
But PB said in a dev q&a that Square Enix properties were not currently being considered, as they would likely prove to hard to secure rights for. As of that q&a the hero release road map for 2021 had been confirmed to be finished.
So IF we get Kingdom Hearts, it won’t be until 2022 at least.

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