Kion concept

“Heki kabisa”

Kion is ready for battle with his roar

Midline damage because his father simba is also damage

3 stars trial team yellow

Entrance kion walks

Victory kion roars

Defeat kion sniffs and faints

Basic attack kion roars

White skill roar of the elders: Passive: Kion’s basic attack hits all enemies. Active: Kion does the roar of the elders dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies and scaring them for 5 seconds kion then removes all debuffs from himself

Green skill lion guard: Kion and his allies start the wave with a shield with x hp allies also have x more basic damage and 20% more basic damage while they have a shield.

Blue skill pride scratch: Kion scratches the nearest enemy dealing x true damage and stealing 5 positive effects and transferring 4 of his negative effects to that enemy

The negative effect transfer has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill Prider roar: Kion deals x more damage with his basic attack per debuff he removes when he uses roar of the elders.

Red skill guard mastery: Kion and his allies gain 200 more energy when they attack and 50% dodge chance while they have a shield

Pride scratch now applies a shield to Kion and his allies that has 50% of kion’s current hp

There is a 25% chance that debuffs applied to kion’s allies will instead be applied to Kion.

Lion pride also applies x more armor and reality

Friendship with bolt

Bolt wants to know how Kion got his super roar so Kion says a long story

Friendship disk a long roary

Kion’s roar of the elders last 8 seconds longer

Friendship with zeus

Zeus is surprised that Kion can also manipulate clouds so he appoints Kion as a meme her of his “lightning police”

Disk law of lightning

Kion is immune to stuns.

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Lion guard is the tv series he came from and guard is shield and the skill is a shield funny right I think we know the next hero in the game is going to be

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