Korean translation helper

there’s some translation error in DHB.
I hope many Korean users enjoy their game with the correct translation

I think you are trying to say ‘thank you for playing’ on the last sentence
플레이 해주셔서 감사합니다. will be great
연주해주셔서 감사합니다 means thank you for playing with your instrument!


채팅창에 있는 스파링을 통해 신규 히어로를 체험해보세요 will be great rather than

채팅 스파 링에서 이러한 새로운 영웅을 확인하십시오! <-- this sentence can cause confusion

It’s 인크레더블 not 인크레더블들.


‘oooo’ 에 대한 저의 스파링 결과를 확인해 보세요!
should change to
'oooo’님과 대결한 스파링 결과를 확인해 보세요! looks more comfortable to us


Translation error on the Surrender button. simply 항복 will be great
항복하라! kinda looks impose to press surrender button

likewise you should put ‘항복하시겠습니까?’ instead ‘항복하라?’

there’s a lot of translation errors other than this. we should work on this.
I will post some more translation errors next time.
thank you for seeing this post.

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