Kuzco Hero Concept

“Boom, baby!”

Starting stars: :star2:

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Color: Yellow

Entrance: Kuzco kicks a door open and does his signature “Boom, baby!” pose.
Victory: Kuzco dances, getting back into groove.
Defeat: Kuzco is transformed into a llama…

White Skill: “The Groove”
Kuzco gets into groove, gaining x Bonus Damage and x Attack Speed and gaining 50% of damage dealt back as HP.

Green Skill: “Beware the Groove”
Each time Kuzco takes 10% of his HP as damage, his groove is thrown off, causing one of his royal guards to throw whoever broke his groove to the ally with the most Basic Damage while also granting that Ally Energized.
Energized Allies get 60 extra Energy from each basic attack.

Blue Skill: “Emperor’s Perks”
Kuzco calls a servant to grant him one of the following Buffs depending on whichever enemy role hit him last:
Damage: Every two basic attacks, Kuzco removes one buff from the enemy he last attacked.
Tank: Kuzco gains an x HP Shield that lasts 8 seconds
Support: Kuzco heals 20% of his Max HP.
Control: Kuzco is Cleansed of all debuffs.

Purple Skill: “Loyal Servants”
Every Royal Guard created by “Beware The Groove” now grants Kuzco a permanent 5% boost to his damage.

Red Skill: “No Touchy”
Kuzco’s basic attacks apply a different debuff depending on their role:
Damage: Stun
Tank: Shatter
Support: Sapped
Control: Silenced

Nice! The skillset looks cool.

What’s his basic attack

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