Lady Tremaine - Likely Concept

This concept was requested by @Depressed_Fan (Disney Fan), enjoy! Feedback is appreciated.

Lady Tremaine

Source: Cinderella (Sequel and Threquel)

Description: Lady Tremaine is a wicked old woman and manipulates others to get what she wants. She is the mother of Drizella and Anatasia, and the stepmother of Cinderella.

Quote: “I daresay no one in the kingdom will outshine my daughters.”

Role: Control

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star:

Trial Team: Blue


Basic Attack: Hits an enemy with her cane.

Entrance: Lady Tremaine walks into battle.

Victory: Gives a slight smile.

Defeat: Shows a slightly angry face.


White Skill: The Wicked Daughters

(Normal Damage :fist: )

Lady Tremaine summons Anastasia and Drizella, they appear for 10 seconds, having X HP, and perform. (Drizella sings and Anastasia plays her flute) While they perform, they increase all allies’ SP and Basic Damage by 35%. If they are KOed, they attack a random enemy, dealing X Damage, then going off the battlefield.

Green Skill: Happily Never After

(True Damage :shield: )

When an ally is KOed the first time, Lady Tremaine finds Fairy Godmother’s wand, and uses it to revive the ally who was KOed and instantly KOing the enemy who KOed the ally if the enemy is below 45% HP. If the enemy isn’t below 45% HP, the skill fails but is able to be used again.

This chance of instantly KOing an enemy is reduced if Lady Tremaine is over Level X.

Blue Skill: Locked Away

Every 10 seconds, Lady Tremaine applies “Lock” to a random enemy that lasts for 7 seconds. During the duration, the enemy with Lock isn’t able to use their White Skill, instead losing 500 energy if the skill tries to be used. and loses X Basic Damage for the duration of Lock.

Purple Skill: Greed and Power

When an enemy has Lock applied on them, Lady Tremaine gains X Damage and X SP for the duration of the Lock.

Red Skill: The Evil Stepmother

Everytime Lady Tremaine KOs an enemy with the skill Happily Never After, she has a chance to use the skill again. She cannot use Happily Never After skill more than 2 times.

Lady Tremaine gains X Reality when an ally is KOed additionally.

Stat Boosters:

+X Damage
+2 seconds of Lock

Battle Badge

Is charged in battle when:

Lock is applied to enemies 2 times

When Charged:

+X Damage per Blue Team Hero
Team Shield: +25% of Max HP becomes a shield that lasts for 10 seconds.


Lady Tremaine and Evil Queen

Disk: Evilest of them All

Debuffs turned to Buffs

Campaign: The Fairest and Evilest

Description: Evil Queen despises Lady Tremaine for being both fairest and evil, while she isn’t in her normal self. So, she tries to outbest her.

Allies: Jafar, Maleficent, and Alice.

Every 6 debuffs applied on Lady Tremaine, she turns 1 of the debuffs to a buff that lasts for the same duration of the debuff. (+1 buff per star)

Stat Boosters:


Lady Tremaine and Dash

Disk: Manipulative Babysitting

Campaign: Speed from Evil

Description: Lady Tremaine decides to babysit Dash after thinking his speed could be used to her advantage. What happens ends up being the other way around.

Allies: Violet, Elastigirl, and Kim Possible.

Lady Tremaine gains 15% more SP each time she KO’s an enemy for the rest of the wave. (+5% per star)

Stat Boosters:

+X Basic Damage
+X Armor


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