Lana & Lola Loud (The Loud House, 2017-)

Lana & Lola Loud (The Loud House, 2017-)

Description: These two twins have so little in common, yet so much fight in them.

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

Position: Front

Role: Control

First Appearance: The Loud House (2017-)

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Basic Animations:

Entrance: Lola Loud will ride in in her little car with Lana fallowing behind with Seymour the Frog in his hands.

Basic Attack: Lana will touch Seymour’s back causing him to stick his tongue out and lick the closest opponent stunning them for 5 seconds and taking away 2 energy

Victory: Lana and Lola will high five each other.

Defeat: Seymour will jump away and Lana will try to catch him. Meanwhile, Lola breaks out crying smudging makeup down her eyes.


White Skill: Beauty Errands (Lola will drive towards the three closest opponents dealing 972 basic damage to each of them.)

Green Skill: Lucky Rabbit’s Foot (Lana will pull out a Rabbit’s Foot healing them and the lowest HP ally 2000 HP.)

Blue Skill: Fashion Show :sparkles: (A red carpet will spawn and Lola will walk on it dealing 3030 Damage to the farthest opponent and stunning the closest opponent for 8 seconds.)

Purple Skill: Shopping Spree :sparkles: (Beauty Errands now deals fantastic damage.)

Red Skill: Superstars :sparkles: (Fashion Show will now dealing 10303 fantastic damage and now will heal Lana and Lola 2000 HP

Stat Boosts:

  1. Beauty Errands now dealing 3972 Fantastic Damage

  2. X More HP from Superstars

  3. Lucky Rabbit’s Foot will now heal 8000 HP

Friendship Campaigns:

Lana & Lola Loud and Chip & Dale

“Best of Friends”

Although they have problems, Chip, Dale, Lana, and Lola learn it’s always good to have a friend on your side.

Allies: Anna, Elsa, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Stat Boosts:

  1. X More HP from Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
  2. All attacks do 1.2x

Lana & Lola Loud and Powerline


Powerline promises Lana & Lola can help with Powerline’s next performance

Allies: Miguel Rivera, Fear, and Jessie

Stat Boosts:

  1. Shopping Spree now deals 5900 damage
  2. X More Energy from Enemies Lost from Basic Attack
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