Last update

Hello there to all of you! :heart:

After last updating game changes on worst.
I didnt recieve my 200 diamonds from e-mail confirm yet.

Btw, on Prize wall they took out prizes like stamina, diamonds… which is very sad.
They never respond on any kind message to me and that is one obvious point what happend in company.

Unfortunelly, I ll stop to play and sell my account.
My power is 260M with 50 heroes on MAX and 20 heroes with MAX RED SKILLS

Thank you so much for all kind people I meet in game. They believe in me and I believe in human in this planet.
Thank you PB for pushing people out and dont taking advices from those who paying you to live.


That takes 24h or so… support must verify email individually for everyone.

That is true, horrible change.

Not something to say here on public, this isn’t legal.

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Those are in a weird spot, I’ll give you that, but you can get them (or you already have). They are in the medals section, with a new medal for e-mail subscription.

Yeah I agree there, but there is hope.

If we all collectively decide not to upgrade Duff, so therefore show low retention, PB will have to chance this again (back to the better removed rewards)

It is alright if you want to stop, but I would advice to not try to the the part after AND here on the forums. It is against ToS to share accounts, so this would definitely also be against the ToS.

You all saying it is not legal.
I invest money like many people.
So, that is my inventory and there is human law. I dont curse, dont swearing, I m always kind and pleasant.
I dont break anything because I invest in this house.

This is against the TOS and your account will be suspended.

Closed the thread as it was breaking TOS. I recommend rereading the TOS as all accounts are owned by PerBlue.

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