Latest Refreshed Heroes and Dante’s Crossover Elite Campaign journey!

It’s time for another Special 17-day Crossover Elite Campaign journey…featuring the 17 latest Stat Refreshed Heroes, as well as Miguel’s doggie amigo, Dante, from “Coco”! I’ve gathered 17 screenshots of the following teammates, per day, so everyplayer can choose which of these teams are their fave!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4 (Bagheera):

Day 5 (Baloo):

Day 6 (Barley Lightfoot):

Day 7 (Corey the Manticore):

Day 8 (Dr. Drakken):

Day 9 (Duff Killigan):

Day 10 (Flik):

Day 11 (Hopper):

Day 12 (Ian Lightfoot):

Day 13 (Kaa):

Day 14 (King Louie):

Day 15 (Ron Stoppable):

Day 16 (Shego):

Day 17 (FINAL, TRON):

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