Laybrinth of Remembrance unlikely concepts

Amber Sugar Cookie

Position: Front
Role: Damage
Trial Team: Yellow

Amber Sugar Cookie will not hesitate to start from scratch if his abode deviates in even the slightest of measurements and cannot stand to see his home becoming victim to wear and tear.

Entrance: Flies in
Victory: Wears her goggles on and flies away
Defeat: Uses the Honeydipper Staff and knocks herself

Basic Attack: Smashes the enemy with her honeydipper staff, dealing X damage and a stack of Hunny to the enemy

White Skill: Honey Crystals
Knocks 2 random enemies with his honeydipper staff, stunning them them and 5 stacks of Hunny
This increases his attack by X

Green Skill: Take This
If an ally falls below 35%, increases the attack of all allies and heals for 50% Max Health of all allies
He only can do this once per battle

Blue Skill: No, not this! You sting
Active: Amber Sugar Cookie calls up Humble Bumble to sting the backmost enemy for 3 seconds, Dealing X damage and 2 stacks of Hunny

This is what Humble Bumble Looks like

Purple Skill: Loud Buzzing
Each Stack of Hunny Heals for X HP

Red Skill: The Perfect Home
Loud Buzzling’s effect now increases X Armor to himself

Honey Crystals now hits 3 enemies

+X Max HP
+X Attack
+X Crit Chance for Honey Crystals

Battle Badge Bonuses

+X Armor
-X Crit Chance for all enemies after using Take This


Amber Sugar/ Winnie

Campaign: Hunnys come from?
Allies: Ariel, Ralph, Mr Big and Koslov
Disk: Hunny Pot
Disk Appearance: A Honey Statued Winnie
Disk Effect: For each stack of Hunny, Decreases their evasion

Amber Sugar/ Anger
Campaign: Great, world. Now you’ve ruined Honey
Allies: Joy, Eeyore, Jack-Jack
Disk: Hunnied News
Disk Effect: Increases his Attack by X

Sugar Glass Cookie

Position: Back
Role: Support
Trial Team: Yellow

Within this mysterious greenhouse lies the Labyrinth of Remembrance and its watcher, Sugar Glass Cookie. With transparent wings delicately stitched together with sugar glass, the caretaker floats quietly through the air and tends to the memories blooming inside the greenhouse’s flowers.

Entrance: Flies in
Victory: Smiles for a second
Defeat: Turns into a crystal

Basic Attack: Throws Sugar Glass Shreds to the enemy, dealing X damage

White Skill: Memory Flowers
Picks up either a Happy Flower or a Sad Flower chosen by the player
Happy Flower: Picks up the yellow flower, healing all allies by 30% Max HP
Sad Flower: Picks up the blue flower and cries, increasing her speed by 100%

Green Skill: Sharing your memories
At the start of battle, increases all allies evasion, speed, Crit chance, armor and attack by X for 7 seconds

Blue Skill: What memories await
When an ally is using their White Skill, increase their speed by X if it’s a support. If the ally isn’t a support, increases their attack by X

Purple Skill: The last one wilted
Once per battle, Whenever Sugar Glass Cookie is Ko’d, Calls Nectar Delight and heals for X HP and turns a random enemy into a Memory Flower for 5 seconds

This is what Nectar Delight looks like

Red Skill: Complete the Stained Glass
If an Enemy is turned into a flower, increases the speed by X and decreases their speed by X

What memories await now cleanses all allies for once a wave
+X Armor
+X Evasion
+X Attack

Battle Badge Bonuses
X Speed
X Crit Chance


Sugar Glass/ Amber Sugar

Campaign: The Greenhouse of Memory Flowers
Allies: Hades, Ursula, Fear
Disk: Honey Wings
Disk Effect: Memory Flowers now increases attack by X

Sugar Glass/ Joy

Campaign: Happy Memories
Allies: Sadness, Violet, Esmaralda
Disk: Mini Greenhouse
Disk Effect: The last one wilted turns 2 enemies into Memory Flower

Can somebody comment if there is anything wrong

here is what’s wrong (with the first concept)

This is from cookie run overbreak

You are right
I quite love that game

Fixed the blue skill

not the blue

“Hunny” is already used by Pooh.

Who say you cant use other effect
Well, no way i’m putting freeze effect


Now ya get me

I suppose there’s not really an explicit rule that says you can’t, but considering how Hunny is meant to be unique to Pooh, I don’t necessarily think you should.

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Then you tell me what other effects there are to replace hunny

And any problems with sugar glass cookie

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