Lazy Costumes

Why are the new costumes so lazy? Daisy Duck has worn so many unique outfits over the years and Luz Noceda has worn many outfits in The Owl House so why are the costumes just generic recolours?


Because full costumes take almost as long as a new hero. We will still make full costumes, but we also wanted to give players other cosmetic choices that we could release more quickly. I’m sorry you think they are lazy, but there was still time and effort put into making even just these skins.


On the plus side, I LOVE the Golden Luz, though!
Makes me feel…like a million Diamonds!! XDXD

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It would be good if new quests around these costumes gave better rewards than just copy of basic avatar.

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Sorry for offending you but I think that if new heroes are decreasing THIS much then the costumes you put in between should still be good.

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Not really a costume in my opinion if you’re just changing the colors of the outfit, it’s a bit disappointing honestly. Also how would these type of costumes work for heros like Scar, Bolt, Baloo, Dante, Kermit, etc? Would they get their entire general color appearance changed?

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I didn’t think it could work for Scar, with his scheme.

It might work for heroes like kermit, bolt, and king louie.

I don’t know why everyone keeps calling them “costumes” when they’ve always been referred to as “Mastery Skins” by PerBlue. They’re cosmetic tweaks that unlock other little side quests and potential cosmetic rewards. I was hoping for a bit more from the side quests, or for the skins to have some effect beyond just a slight tweak to the hero’s appearance, but they are what they are. I’d rather PerBlue devote more time and resources to working on improving parts of the game that genuinely matter than worry about a minor cosmetic bonus. :man_shrugging:


In all fairness, the mastery skin on in there with the other costumes.

Making special tab just for that is unnecessary.

Could just rename it Skins and Costumes.

I think he’s like going to the beach

Bro? What? How is that related

On next year on May 4, Agent P and Doofenshmirtz add special costumes inspired by Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars. well i need Collaboration with Lucasflim?

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That would be so cool!

You mean ‘add’?

@Big_Boy_Disney24 sorry, my bad.

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