Leaving the Forums....... For now

Dear Forum Users, I went MIA for the last week. I have yet to explain the situation. As my school year has started, I need to concentrate on schoolwork especially since one of my biggest exams is coming in 2 years. While preparing for it, the hectic schedule that I have now means that I won’t be online often. I will check back regularly for updates though. I will come back during my holidays. Since I own a discord account, I may chat more often there. PM me if u wish to be my friend.

Till then, have a better 2021!

Prince Tamatoa III


I see and yeah, wish you the best of luck in terms of school and your exams :-).

Thank you for being such a good part of the community and I think many here really who appreciate your post and good work ^^.


Thanks. I’ll be back! Whenever I can be.


Why are you being rude?

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