Lesser Known Disney Character Concepts

So, like I said in my Chicken little and Kirby concept, I decided to create my ideas about more concepts of lesser known Disney characters. So let’s start with a completely forgotten character:

Hero: Alameda Slim (Home on the Range)

About the Character

If you don’t know who this character or the movie. I don’t blame you. Home on the Range was made in 2004, around the time Disney was having a hard time with their movies. Slim is the movie’s main antagonist that steals cows with his yodeling that hypnotizes them

Stars: :star::star:
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow
“Songbirds SING, Saloon gals SING, little bitty snot-nosed children SING. I yodel, and yodeling is an art!”

Entrance: Slim rides his buffalo to battlefield
Victory: Slim plays his guitar
Defeat: Slim gets furious and throws his guitar to the ground

Basic attack: Slim plays his guitar and hits an enemy with the song

White skill-“Yodel-Adle-Eedle-idle-oo”: Slim yodels, making a hypnotized cow go through enemies (similarly to Nick throwing a popsicle to a lemming). The cow stuns enemies and does normal damage.

Green skill-“Pioneered Pied Piper”: Slim plays his guitar and yodels, charming the the closest enemy

Blue skill-“Explosive Fight”: Slim throws dynamite to the enemy in the back, doing fantastic damage and slowly taking away damage.

Purple skill-“Cattle Rustler”: Slim’s White skill now grants a random ally with energy.

Alameda Slim/ Jessie
Alameda Slim/ Gaston

Alrighty, now it’s time for concept number 2

Hero: Mittens (Bolt)

About the Character

I don’t know if Mittens is well known or not, but I feel like people forget this is a movie. Mittens, along with bolt is a protagonist of the movie. Abandoned and declawed by her owner, she lived an ally cat life, forcing pigeons to find food for her in return for her protection.

Role: Support
Position: back
Team: Blue
“When the old stomach starts talking, it ain’t talking to me, it’s talking to…the claws.”

Entrance: Mittens walks normals to battlefield and shows enemies her paws
Victory: Mittens gives the defeated enemies a victorious smile
Defeat: Mittens looks surprised and falls to the ground, playing dead

Basic attack: Mittens throws pieces of food at an enemy

White skill-“Pigeon Flock”: A flock of pigeons come by to hit all enemies and stunning them

Green skill-“Stomach Talk”: Mittens eats a piece of bread, healing herself

Blue skill-“Yarn Play”: Mittens plays with a ball of yarn. This gives allies increased attack speed for a short time.

Purple Skill-“Food for Protection”: Every time Mittens uses her white skill, the ally with the least HP get shielded

Mittens/ Linguini and Remi
Mittens/ Ducky and Bunny

Next, the last concept in this topic. This character happens to be in one of the straight to dvd Disney movies. So, understandable If you don’t now her

Hero: Dixie and Zelda (The Fox and the Hound 2)

About the Characters

Dixie is the main antagonist and soon a supporting protagonist in the Fox and the Hound 2. Reason for this is because of herself being removed from the Singing Strays, a singing group of dogs. Zelda is Dixie’s friend that tries to help her claim back her place in the group.

Role: Support
Position: Back
Team: Red
“There ain’t nothing I can do turn his head and excite him. Sometimes I swear I just…wanna bite him!”

Entrance: Dixie walks normally while warming up her voice
Victory: Dixie and Zelda high five
Defeat: Dixie falls face first and Zelda just looks at enemies in fear

Basic attack: Dixie bites at enemies or Zelda scratches enemies

White skill-“In Harmony” Dixie howls, increasing attack speed and basic attack damage

Green skill-“Before the Show”: Dixie gives Zelda a peanut butter jar, she then throws it to the closest enemy and doing fantastic damage and slowing them down

Blue skill-“Good Doggie, No Bone”: Dixie and Zelda do a dance (the same dance in “good doggie, no bone song if you’ve seen it before) and heals all allies while blinding enemies because of the colorful lights

Purple skill-“We Go Together”: White skill now heals the ally with least HP

Dixie and Zelda/ Mickey Mouse

Alright I’m done now. Hopefully you liked these concepts. I’m thinking about making a part two sooner or later. Hopefully you all try to remember these characters and their movies.


Love these! I would like to see more of these in the future

It’s a good idea!

I love these ideas!

Did you made concept on bolt? If not then you should do on him since you made allready with mittens

Bolt is a more well known character, I assume these are more of side characters from lesser know/ forgotten movies or shows, would be cool to see bolt in game though!

Oh, man! I am definitely going to make concepts with heroes nobody made before. It’s just shame that so interesting characters are forgotten

Remy you mean.

We need Mittens

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