Let Quorra Be Quorra

It’ll be great if you can set Quorra back to her original level, at least on the servers that are 90 and above. That’ll be a sight to see.
She was beautiful to see her just ride through everybody. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
(Even when it was your own team she was obliterating)
After that downgrade, not so much.

I say let Quorra, be Quorra!

I’m betting money she’s on your team and you aren’t thinking about those of us who don’t use her.


Wow your new guild name suits you. No Quorra should not be unnerfed she is too powerful as is with her disks. So if anything they should nerf her again. Back to putting you down another notch in arena Noob. Well he does belong to a guild called Noobs, I’m only reinforcing his new guild name.


Sorry, but who don’t use her now?

Anyway, stay like now.

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Does anyone know what the damage cap is going to be for her?

Uhhh Quora not in game

@Islandboy611 you are in server 16 so she isnt in your server yet i assume. But she is for the rest of us

Uhhhh what I’m going to check my server @Champion_David

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