Let us build an event calendar


I have noticed that the Team Level Catch-up challenge shows up every 2 weeks.
Also, the triple Trial drop event only happens on Saturday-Sunday, at some not-yet-sure frequency.

This question have been asked multiple times, but the community manager doesn’t seem to notice our question. So let’s build a calendar by ourselves.

I will start recording events and their dates of happening, if they seem to happen on a regular frequency, I will put that in a calendar and publish later. Also, I’m in Server 1, so other servers may get the event at different dates. If that is the case, keep your own record of your own server and we will cross-check the frequency later.
I will only record gameplay-related events. Other diamond and $ deals are not recorded.

Event — Date recorded — Expected time until next occurrence:

  1. Catch-up challenge: team level — 14th May — 2 weeks (coincides with every patch update)
  2. Contest (random) — 11th May — (2 weeks??)
  3. Trial x drop — 12th May — Unknown
  4. City Watch x drop — Unknown — Unknown
  5. Port 2x drop — 15th May — Unknown
  6. Normal campaign x drop — Unknown — Unknown
  7. Elite campaign x drop — Unknown — Unknown

Any else you can add to the list?
Ps: if your guild has the perk to bank extra CW reset, you can save the extra reset, and use all 3 CW runs (main run, and 2 resets) on the CW triple drop event. That’s 9x rewards in 1 day.


Great idea, i don’t have anything to add besides that!


There is a triple more gold from get more gold event…

Wow that was long…


Updated: new occurrence of double Port drop