Lifty And Shifty Concept (Happy Tree Friends)


Two Brothers with a Habit of Thieving are Ready to come to the Battlefield.

Stars: :star:
Quote: TBA
Trial Team: Red

Basic Animations.

Basic Attack: Lifty throws a Moneybag at a random enemy

Entrance: Lifty and Shifty Leap from the Side of the Screen

Victory: Moneybags Glitch all over Lifty and Shifty They look at Each-other and begin to laugh.

Defeat: Lifty and Shifty stomp their feet in Defeat

White Skill: Money Spew :fist: (Normal Damage) Passive: Lifty and Shifty place 5 Dollar Bills on the Ground at the Start of each wave, If a Ally Steps on the Money they are granted X Hp, If a Enemy steps on the money they are Dealt X Normal Damage. Active: A Huge Bag of Money Crashes on the Battlefield Popping Open and Spewing 20 coins at all enemies. Each Coin deals X Normal Damage

Green Skill: Disguises To Fool. Shifty and Lifty both put on a pair disguises to Trick Enemies, Lifty and Shifty Distract all enemies for 19 seconds. The distract has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Stolen Goods :fist: (Normal Damage) Shifty and Lifty toss a Bin of Food at the Frontline enemy dealing X Normal Damage and Stunning them for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: Robbed! Shifty and Lifty steal 300 energy from all enemies, Lifty and Shifty Give the Stolen Energy to Allies. The energy steal has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Thieving Brothers. Robbed! Steals 400 energy and Slows all enemies for 5 seconds. The slow has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts

X Hp
X Tenacity
X Reality


Raya: Lifty and Shifty attempt to steal the Dragon Gem only to be Apprehended by Raya.

Grant Courage at the Start of each Wave

X Tenacity
X Reality

Sniffles: Lifty and Shifty are Caught while Pickpocketing Sniffles, Lifty and Shifty try to make up a Good excuse which only gets them more in Trouble, Lifty and Shifty attempt to make a Run for it Only for Sniffles to Catch up to them.

Berserk at start of each wave for X seconds

X Hp
X Starting Energy

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