Lightning McQueen Concept

White Skill: Kachow!
McQueen drives through his enemies repeatedly, dealing X damage to all enemies.

Green Skill: Quick Repair
McQueen’s repairmen arrive and replace his tires, healing him for X HP. This skill activates at the end of every wave, healing McQueen.

Blue Skill: On Your Mark
McQueen taunts, increasing allies’ attack speed for the rest of the wave

Purple Skill: Blink of an Eye
The first time Kachow is used, his attack speed is increased by 15% for 10 seconds

Red Skill: I Am Speed
Everytime McQueen uses Kachow, he gains X armor and heals for X HP

Intro: Comes out of the sky (reference to first movie)

Victory: Undecided

Defeat: McQueen’s tire blows off (reference to 1st movie)

Quote: “Kachow!”

Trial Team: Red

Support Hero

This is my concept for Lightning McQueen if he were to arrive in Disney Heroes. Hopefully he’s a Sign In and not a Diamond Crate exclusive.

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no the manticore from onward is

This concept was 4 days ago…

What is this supposed to mean?!

Not sure what he could have for a victory yet

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