Lightyear - Thoughts?

Wow, I really haven’t made one of these topics, or any topic for a while.

Sorry for the blunt opening, there’s really nothing else I can say.

Lightyear released three days ago at the time of writing this, and I wanted to know (assuming you’ve watched it), what do you guys think? I haven’t seen it, but seems like critics like it. That box office though… :grimacing:


I saw the movie just yesterday, so I can talk about it.


So first of all, I was not expecting that at all. I thought it would be really Toy Story (I haven’t seen the trailer), but it’s much more sci-fi.
The film was very successful, the graphics magnificent, and it was very moving. Many surprises, especially on the identity of Zurg.
It does not show that we are not the same person according to our experiences and our experiences.
Also the movie was sad at times, especially when Alisha Hawthorne died.
Also touches of pleasant humor, especially with the team of losers with which Buzz had to save the planet.
Buzz is a hero in the sense that he manages to overcome his selfishness and his stubbornness so that others can live their lives, happy, and can simply exist.
And to finish, I want a Sox too, he is so cute !
Great movie, very good surprise.

Read at your own risk, there are major spoilers.

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