Likely concept - Mr and Mrs Potato Head (Collab with JangoMaster)

If you happen to come across this then go read this instead

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Some honest feedback:

Basic attacks don’t need variables like skills do.

If all of this is meant to happen in one animation… then

A) you should list Mrs. Potato Head’s effects first because I got really confused by what “After Mrs. Potato Head studies the enemies…” meant without reading the rest of the skill, and

B) I don’t think listing out the effects for the separate characters is necessary here since everything happens in one fell swoop. (This similarly applies to your Green and Blue skills.)


Also, why does this skill have them imitating Evil Dr. Porkchop in the first place? That’s Hamm’s thing…

Purple Skills are usually passive. There are a small few that have animations, but not like this.

In general, this concept is just way too complex to both read through and see properly implemented in the game. Every skill is absolutely overloaded with effects and animations.

I suggest reading this guide for more advice.

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