Likely Concepts! (Contest)

So… Here To Announce That I will be Starting A Concept Creation Contest! Here is Everything You Need To Know! :smiley::partying_face::arrow_heading_down::arrow_down:



  • All Concepts Must Be Disney Characters That Are Not In The Game yet

  • Concepts Must Include A Picture, And At Least One Friendship

  • You Are Only Allowed To Enter Two Concepts

  • If You Want To Use An Existing Concept You Have Made, You Can Copy And Paste It To Here

  • You Will Be Able To Post Your Submissions Here



Prize! :trophy:

First Place Prize: Invited Into A Special PM! & Gets To Create The Next Elemination Game Season 7!

Second Place Prize: Invited Into A Special PM!


  • Contest Will Begin 10/19/19

  • Contest Submissions Will End 10/29/19

  • Contest Results Will Be Revealed 11/1/19

Lets Go Contest Lets GO!!! :star_struck::trophy:

Post Submissions Here :arrow_down:

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Oh and don’t forget about the super secret prize for winning


Also…no spamming in the contest!!!


I want to take part in the contest but dont know how to link a picture will it be ok my concept wont have picture?

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Is editing count as spam in case editing is needed?

I thought I was a judge…?

You can edit it all you like…just don’t spam posts

You are I just haven’t edited yet

Is there no third place?

Ok I’m in for this I am very hyped for them concepts

No third place just the top two

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Aren’t I a judge?

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Yes but there will be no more judges

I know that. I am only saying because I was hired, but not mentioned

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You are now mentioned lol

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Ahem. So I don’t exist :pleading_face:

Is it okay if I make a new concept and copy one?

Also do they go in the same Post?

You aren’t a judge…

Yes you can

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Yes all in the same post

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