Lilith Clawthorne and Hooty Character Concept

Role: Control
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Description: Lilith Clawthorne and Hooty are the best of friends and use their amazing skills to make the opponents fear them.
White, I’ll Handle This: Hooty puts on sunglasses and intimidates opponents while also whacking them, dealing x fantastic damage. This stuns all enemies as well. This causes knockback on the enemy team. The stun may fail on enemies above level this skill’s level.
Green, Pen Pals: Lilith and Hooty write letters to 3 random heroes on the battlefield. If the character is an ally, their attack speed, armor, and reality are increased by x as well as 2 stacks of Hardy. If the character is an enemy, it Shatters them and decreases their attack speed, armor, and reality by x. They are also dealt y true damage per second for 3.0 seconds.
Blue, Learning the Basics: This skill Studies and Scares all enemies. And it Saps them for 4.0 seconds. All enemies are Limited as well. Hooty and Lilith gain a skill level on all skills per the enemies affected. This skill has a chance to fail on enemies above level this skill’s level + 20.
Purple, Tunnel of Love: Hooty sets up a Tunnel of Love that Charms 2 enemies and Hexes them as well. Arrows from the tunnel may hit enemies causing x damage and Charms those it hits.
Red, Hootsifer and Lulu: Learning the Basics now causes x damage per second for 4.0 seconds. Tunnel of Love now Hexes all enemies. Pen Pals heals all allies by x damage per second for 3.0 second. This healing cannot be blocked.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+900,000 Max HP
+5 skill levels for all skills except this

Entrance: Lilith walks in with the portable Hooty house/backpack (I forgot the official name…) and Hooty stretches over Lilith’s shoulder.
Victory: Hooty wraps around Lilith and they hug each other.
Defeat: Lilith gets on the ground and pounds it, while Hooty whines in defeat.
White: Hooty stretches across to the enemies and sweeps the floor.
Green: Papers fly from them to their targets.
Blue: Lilith briefly sits at a desk.
Eda Clawthorne - The Coven Days
Disk: Magical Pals
When only Hooty is acting, Lilith launches Pen Pals but with a single letter.
Magica De Spell - Witches of Shadows
Disk: Historic Shadows
Effects from Learning the Basics last x seconds longer.

Feedback is wanted! Thanks for your time!

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Who here wants Hooty in the game?

Please :pray: read This guide like Kermit suggested

-Thank you

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I have. Thanks for the reinforcement on that though! And also, there is another Lilith and Hooty concept. Apologies to @Wilde_Times, as theirs was posted in July of 2023. Please check out that concept instead.

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