Lilo (Hero Concept)

"You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change?"


Lilo is a kind, humble and sometimes weird Hawaiian girl with a thing for dancing, voodoo and all things “normal.” She’s a must-have against any buff-heavy team.

Role: Backline Control
Team Color: Blue


White Skill: DIY Voodoo

Passive: Lilo keeps track of the enemy with the most buffs on them. That enemy takes 2% more damage per buff on them.

Active: Lilo puts three forks representing the three most buffed enemies in a jar of pickle juice. Lilo starts shaking that jar until she runs out of energy, removing all their buffs, and prevents them from being buffed until the skill ends.

Green Skill: Nothing But a Hound Dog

When Lilo enters battle, she dances in and gains X armor and X tenacity for 15 seconds.

Blue Skill: A Stinky Sacrifice

When an ally is KOed, Lilo sends out Scrump on a rollerskate towards the enemy team. The stink bomb inside of Scrump goes off, and deals X fantastic damage in an area. It also removes all their debuffs, and gives them 2 stacks of Fatigue each. Lilo can only use this skill once.

Purple Skill: Aloha Oe

Whenever Lilo gets damaged, a random buff is removed from the enemy that damaged her.

Red Skill: Ohana Means Family

Lilo now also keeps track of the ally with the least debuffs, making them take 10% less damage, and 50% less TRUE damage.
“Nothing But a Hound Dog” gives all allies 3 stacks of Hardy.
“A Stinky Sacrifice” deals an additional X TRUE damage to the enemy that KOed the ally.

+X Reality
+X Skill Power
+X Starting Energy


Entrance: Dances in and then stands up straight after posing.
Victory: Puts on a hula skirt and does a quick dance. Her victory syncs with Stitch’s if they’re in the same team.
Defeat: Falls face first into a pillow and screams into it.
Attack: Throws a plastic fork.

(NEW) Friendships:


Campaign: Hawaiian Rollercoaster
Description: Lilo and Stitch go around the city, handing out fliers to everyone for the annual Hawaiian festival, but quickly run into several problems.
Campaign Heroes: Madam Mim, Mr. Big and Koslov, Angel

Memory Disk: Aloha E Komo Mai (Voodoo Stun)
Appearance: Ukulele with a broken string

+X Reality
+X Skill Power per Control hero
“DIY Voodoo” stuns the three affected heroes for 3 seconds after energy runs out. (+2 per star.)


Campaign: Ocean Blue
Description: Moana takes Lilo far out into the ocean to show her wonderful new sights. However, even the ocean isn’t safe from a ship full of deadly creeps!
Campaign Heroes: Maui, Jumba, Jim Hawkins

Memory Disk: Golden Sand (Sacrifice Blind)
Appearance: Surfboard buried in sand

+X more damage against Support heroes
+X Skill Power per Blue Team hero
“A Stinky Sacrifice” blinds all enemies for 5 seconds. (+3 per star)

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You just released a concept 30 minutes ago…

Consider this a double feature.

Did you made a concept in 30 minutes?

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Friendships are missed i sugget make her befriend stitch

I sometimes make concepts in 30 minutes… >w>

You should take more time, and so do @Bonniecakes

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Let’s be real, every new hero is 1 star.


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