Limited Support during Thanksgiving 2020

The PerBlue offices will be closed for the Thanksgiving (US) Holiday November 26-27, 2020. During this time, response time to support tickets may be longer than normal. Thank you for being patient! :turkey:


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Polaris!


Wonderful Thanksgiving to you, Polaris! Despite it being only US one. Greetings from Slovakia. :slovakia:

Have a great Thanksgiving!

So we will see you in 4 days Polaris since you guys don’t respond during the weekend

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You have a fantastic Thanksgiving!:turkey::corn::carrot::grapes::plate_with_cutlery::milk_glass::salt::fork_and_knife::spoon::wine_glass::coffee::sake::moon_cake::pie::bread::tomato::potato::leafy_green:

I’m pretty sure that’s what it meant.

Enjoy PerBlue, looking forward to the Patch Notes next week on the next update?

Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time

Happy Thanksgiving for perblue!
Luckily for US. Greetings from Hong Kong :hong_kong:

Happy Thanksgiving to all US citizens! Stay safe and be a part by being apart! It’ll make sense.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! :blush:

May ya’ll celebrate safe and well! And be thankful for everything in your lives!

I for one am thankful to have found Heroes Battle Mode and the amazing community here! :blush: so thank ya’ll for giving me a mobile game I finally can enjoy!

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Looks like no patch notes today

I was watching the parade yesterday but I didn’t get to watch it all because my uncle cut my hair and my mom changed it to another channel

Oh, you re New. Welcome to the forums :grin:

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