Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: Liquidator moves on his wave onto his position.
Victory: Liquidator drinks up a bottle of water.
Defeat: Liquidator disappears, leaving behind a puddle.

Quote: ‘‘Nevertheless, I became the new and improved master of all liquids… The Liquidator.’’

Basic attack: Liquidator slaps nearest enemies

White skill: Flooded In :sparkles:
The Liquidator releases tons of water and floods enemies, dealing X damage to them, enemies also lose all active buffs and gain 3 stacks of fatigue.

The Liquidator passively gains X Armor and X Reality and 2 stacks of Hardy each time he uses this skill.

Green skill: Boiling Water :sparkles:
The Liquidator creates a wall of boiling water around the nearest enemy, the target takes immediately X damage, this enemy and enemies nearby takes X damage over 7 seconds and lose 3 buffs every second. While stuck in the wall the enemy cannot perform any attacks and use their skills and gain any buffs, but is immune to knockbacks. The wall of boiling water stays on for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Water Hammer :sparkles:
Liquidator turns his hand into a giant hammer and hits the nearest enemies, dealing X damage, knocking them back, stunning them for 6 seconds, and reducing their Reality by 50% for 6 seconds.

The Reality reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above Level X.

Purple skill: H2O Chaos
The Liquidator has a 70% chance to dodge melee attacks. All projectiles passing Liquidator deal 40% less damage to his allies behind him.

Liquidator and his allies heal 5% of their Max HP every 2 seconds.

The dodge chance is reduced and the heal is less effective against units above level X.

Red skill: Evil Businessman :sparkles:
Liquidator lose 5% of his Max HP whenever “Flooded In” is used, enemies additionally receive 10 times more damage which Liquidator has lost as a bonus Fantastic Damage with the same skill.

Liquidator’s basic attacks charms enemies for 5 seconds, enemies charmed this way cannot be healed by their allies or any other sources.

The charm has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.


Ariel - Sea the Opportunities

Decreasing Max HP of Enemies

  • +X BD to Liquidator and allies
  • Enemies lose X Reality
  • Enemies lose X Max HP
  • Enemies damaged by Liquidator’s Skills lose 2% of their Max HP for the remainder of the wave, up to 50% (+2% per star)

Dr. Drakken - Blue Mischief

Buffs Control Role Allies

  • +X SP
  • +X HP
  • +X SP to Control Role Allies
  • +X Max HP to Control Role Allies
  • All Control role allies are immune to negative effects from the start of the battle for 5 seconds, then they become immune to negative effects every 12 seconds for 1 seconds (+1 second per star)
  • Control Role Allies gain 20% All Damage Done (+20% per star)
  • Control Role Allies’ Skill Cooldowns are reduced by 8% (+8% per star)

Honey Lemon too makes sense!

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What exactly?

I think he means a friendship with her.

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