List of top disks

can someone give me list of top disks which should I unlock first? Server 21 , TL 105

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The best thing to do would be to look at a tier list that shows the recommended disks for each hero. It does not have to be one for your server, but it should help you.

See if you can unlock it first by checking your level. U need to level some heroes up. If it is within your level, start leveling up. Then you can ask your guildmates which disk is better. (Ensure that both disks do not have a limit that u can’t reach)

please share that tier list

Here is a link to a pretty good one on the forums. It can apply to your server even if you do not have all the heroes

Given your team level, these are the disks currently (or very soon to be) available to you that I think stand a good chance at being useful a couple of years down the road:

  1. Woody/Jessie – Even after all this time, Woody’s ability to yank the backmost enemy to the front of the line and stun them is still frequently useful.

  2. Stitch/Maui – Once you get that disk to 5 stars, Stitch all but stops anyone he hits with his green skill for up to 10 seconds.

  3. Queen of Hearts, both disks – QoH looks to be very useful and very OP after her refresh that’s coming next week; I don’t know which disk will be better or if both will be useful, so you may want to alternate working on them both until a consensus has been reached.

  4. Elsa/Frozone – It’s not a game-changing disk, but Elsa is one of the most powerful heroes with a disk available below team level 100, so you may as well work on it too as resources permit. (I usually use her Olaf disk myself, but that’s only because I normally use her on a team with two tanks.)

If you have any interest in invasion, I’d also recommend Mr. Incredible/Elastigirl (armor shredding), Elastigirl/Jack-Jack (reality shredding), and Finnick/Judy (damage boost on slowed enemies). And if you want to look at a couple more disks that are a bit more of a gamble, I really like the enhanced stun/knockback on Bogo’s Calhoun disk and the extra stun on Hiro’s Darkwing disk.


Elastigirl/Vanellope is a very useful disk because when use use her special she hits the farthest enemy so it’s easy to take out enemy’s like Megara or Mickey Mouse

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