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Exactly. I posted questions in the first post for live chat and non of them got answered. All was on the actual live chat. Seemed a bit pointless all in all :roll_eyes:

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I was literally second person to post, nothing. I asked questions about gravity falls and the badges, that was answered, but not mine, overall pointless for the 30 minutes we have to ask questions

The problem with the game at the minute, regardless of it being a mobile game, is that the game has too many heroes, too much functions and not enough actually adjustment and this needed addressing more then anything last night. The devs realise this but too blind to address it.


While I don’t know if need to limit ourselves to 3 questions each Jody_Caviess even if it was my idea, but I do think that for the next live chat we who are the core part of the forum and/or the community Discord server should try to collaborate some and make a list together on the most interesting and important questions.

And like Drewman said the Live chat it was a really good to ask about the mechanics, or at least clarify design thoughts and how they intend to approach the ever raising level cap and new players joining now being so far behind.
And true, it got filled up by with questions like “an you add X”, especially character questions even if they are dear to us I do think it is best if people don’t ask in terms of specific characters as much. While on those we know might be coming should be fine enough, but asking for tons of characters is probably a bit much all together.

Robin_Hood_BH5@ While it is true that it is technically Perblue’s responsibility, we can do our part in order to make the live sessions better and overall be a better experience. The main issue is that people have so many questions that it is hard to answer them all within the time frame they have in the live Q&A, but yeah some questions might get answered in the State of the Game post so hopefully we get some things clarified there :-).

Professor_Fidget_IX@ Like I mentioned in the other comment we might still get answers on some of the questions on the game balance in the State of the Game post, so I would wait to see after that one if they answered us enough okey enough or not.


I respectfully disagree. We did our part by answering their original post and doing a fairly good job of asking the questions as a forum that we were interested in. Furthermore, they could have read and seen what thematic questions are asked most frequently and decided to prioritize their responses.

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They could have provided the state of the game prior to the q&a and that would have been a satisfactory response to many of the questions and allowed the q&a to be more superficial questions or even clarifications.


I would also go on to maybe say if they had a sole person that was in the know of everything about the game job be to spend more time answering things on the forums, maybe more often, there be more technical /future questions for q&a Times and less what’s going with x. Yes not all questions on forums maybe seem worthy of an answer, but it almost seems a lot of questions by the passionate players go unheard and unanswered when a lot of them go repeative asked by the community over and over again. Yes polaris does what they can, but I’m sure she busy and has other duties as well to take care of.

Ah if you mean the announcement post for the Q&A, yeah I had thought they would maybe reply to some of those answers first as in having them prepared beforehand, rather just getting them just replying in the Q&A and them choosing which few they had time to reply to.
As for my other post there, I just mean that we can make it easier for them and us to have a good experience together in the live Q&A :-).

Yeah, would probably have been beneficial if the State of the Game post came out before the Q&A and then some of them questions having hopefully already been answered in the game post. While that can’t be helped now, hopefully some of our unanswered questions get answered in the State of the Game post :-).

Yet we still await the state of the game :joy:

I imagine we probably have to wait until next week for the State of the Game as it is weekend now, but yeah could happen during the weekend, though I think next week or later is more likely.

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Didn’t know Polaris was a girl, hmmm. New to me.

At least what someone told me, but I could be wrong

I thought @polaris was a guy, well, ow we are off topic

Polaris did say this week for state of the game.

So polaris just posted an update but not state of the game. Its already a week late then what they said :roll_eyes:

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Looks like there’s going to be a new update to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


NEW HERO! Maybe more than 1!

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Hopefully yeah but state of the game is late and I’d honestly want the game be updated rather then new heroes being added in next few patches

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no new updates on state of the game or has it been scrapped? @Polaris


Can you stop reviving dead topics?

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