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Ok I was watching the live chat like an hawk. And honestly, the was more questions asked then answered… and it still leaves more questions to be answered.

A few of them being about the overall hero balancing on xp, gold costs and other compensating quality of life changes to ease the rank and level increase.

Another major issue is the lack of deals focus and we all know what we mean by that… from the price to what it contains.

Us the players don’t want to be greedy but we don’t want be lacking progression for the old. That’s the case from what is stated.

I really hope PB addresses these issues in state of the game post. As well as forum improvements. Like making us aware of who and when gets silenced instead of closing topics as this isn’t very clear.

Overall, the live chat seemed weak at best in comparison to what needed to be answered. They could have done a Q&A in a better way then through forums.

Despite what I say, you guys are doing the best to bring disney to this game we love, but please… address these issues in state of the game as many of us are sick of issues which don’t get answered or fixed.

Thank you.


The issue with all of the Q&A’s has been that 1 hour for as many people to spam as many questions as possible, and then also PB to answer them, is simply not enough time - especially seeing as they don’t happen very often.

I don’t quite understand why the questions can’t be collected beforehand, and then the PB team can spend that hour much more productively simply answering the questions rather than trying to somehow sort through and respond to the massive influx of comments, half of which aren’t questions or are repeated questions anyway.

That would also allow people who can’t be online for that specific hour to get their questions read.

Alright, it detracts from the ‘live’ aspect of it somewhat, but I’m pretty sure most people aren’t too bothered about that and would just like for their questions to be read & responded to - some live discussion can still take place based on the answers given to questions provided.



Well thats what i thought was gonna happen anyway due to the other post :roll_eyes:

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Some of the questions in the announcement post of the Q&A could still be addressed in the State of the Game post, but yeah we will :-).

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Yeah missed the live chat I thought the other thread would have been used to gather the questions then they can answer


I really hope so, like I said in the opening thread, a lot of questions still need to be answered :joy::joy:

Hehe, would be good if we got more questions answered yeah :-).

For me personally I would like to know if they are going to lower the friendship unlock levels again like they did in the 1.4. In old servers the friendship unlock levels for new characters are around 185, which for a new player will take months if not over a year to get to in the current way which I think too much when considering new players.
So I think it would be good to lower the friendship unlock levels for newer characters, or at least those that are over 2-3 months.

But yeah, it will be interesting to see what they will include in the State of the Game post and hopefully it will be interesting to read :-).

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Yeah. I put in my questions, but no answers. Some of them were important and good, but some were not. Hopefully things are addressed in the State of the Game. Hopefully more organization goes into the Q&As in the future since so many players have questions, some of whom spam them. Maybe (at least the strong majority) could try to not spam questions and one person (most likely a regular) could do a post where everyone puts in a question or two, with no repeats?


I was looking for hero hints but only got princesses coming next year

Coordinating the questions a bit might be a good idea, or that the community come together to find questions together that we present for them to answer, rather than that most basically ask the same things.

Having a rule of only taking 3 or so questions per person could also work maybe.

Even if it was 3, overall, questions by each thread aka overall thread was only about 8. Yes I know there were more answered but they were too clumped up together and yeah werent great

Wait so more princesses? If so I am happy!

Yeah, see here Imagineer_V :-).

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Well, could for 1 question per person, but I think that’s a bit too little.
I am not sure if you refer to by 8 though.

I posted the answers in the community Discord so they were more easily accessible there so many that helped a bit for those following through Discord.

I mean 8 replies as a whole question but there was more questions in the threads but I’m classing it as a question because the replies should have been 1 reply per 1 question

Was my first live Q&A and I also think a bit more structure could help. A lot of duplicate questions were asked and people kept posting and reposting the same thread every few minutes - which doesnt help anyone really.


Example? I think I understand, but not completely sure if I understand you see.

I think this would be the best way to approach the Q&A, even if it means largely sacrificing the “live” aspect of the session. It would take more time for PerBlue, undoubtedly, but if they could weed out the questions they can’t give real answers to and divide the remainder among 3 or 4 employees, then have Polaris share the answers and gather further feedback, I don’t think it would take too much more time than having four employees set aside 1+ hours each to attempt a live Q&A. Hopefully it would give more people a feeling of engagement with the company, a benefit I think would be worth the extra time spent.

Obviously it would help if we could do a bit of self-policing of our questions beforehand; Kira’s suggestion of a limit of 3 questions each might help, as that would force us to think carefully about what questions are most important to us and what we think they might be able to answer.

That’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to questions about “are you putting X in the game?”, and it’s why I really wish people would avoid those questions. Given how much PerBlue wants to avoid spoilers about the game, they aren’t going to come out and say, “Oh sure, Jim Hawkins is coming to the game in 6 weeks, as a 2-star control hero available from diamond crates.” They aren’t even going to say “We’re working on Gadget Hackwrench, but we don’t have the details or the timeframe finalized yet.”


The issue with all of the Q&A’s has been that 1 hour for as many people to spam as many questions as possible

And not only that, but absolutely ridiculous questions too. Like why the heck would they add non Disney characters to a game about Disney characters. And spamming the same things over and over. This was a time to ask for mechanics and instead it’s flooded with posts about “can you add X?” and “can you add Y?”


What was the point of having the other thread announcing the Q&A and asking for questions there? They could have easily answered some of those questions ahead of time and copy/pasted them at the beginning of the live feature. It is not our responsibility to organize the live session. It is theirs. I deal with this stuff all the time. I appreciate theIr willingness to do a live approach but this was poorly executed.

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