Live Chat Q&A: 3/17

:shamrock: Hello and welcome to the live chat for this Q&A session! Let’s get going!

  • Polaris, Senior Community Manager
  • Leaf, Product Owner
  • Commander Jack, Senior Game Designer
  • DoubleBeans, Lead Hero Designer

Q: Which of the 4 roles in the game you like the best, or other sub-type of roles?

For me I think which one I like the best would probably be Control as in strategic Crowd Control, as in like finding strategies to get around power difference and such :-).

Hello, devs!

What happened to the Prowess stat?


Thank you all as always for this amazing game. Could you add a :cookie: emoji in the game one day ? Would be awesome !

In the meantime a lots of it for all the team :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
And keep going !

Sometimes I like to try a team of 5 support heroes just for fun!

We considered using it for a time then we decided to go in a different direction. It might make an appearance some day but we have no plans to introduce it to the game in the immediate future.


Hello devs! And bye, I’m going to bed unfortunately…


I like support the most! It’s probably because of my own affinity towards servant leadership.

can you ask elliot if he can do me a solid and just slip my acct the lookin eyes emoji, i promise i won’t snitch. he knows who’s asking :neutral_face:


Do you actually play or Just get resources from backend without spending lol

Damage…sometimes you just want to power your way through problems. :slight_smile:

Hello and good night!


After the Friendship refresh was released, Polaris said that there might be a feature where we could do something with excess memories. Any word on that?

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Hello and goodnight!


Good Night! Have fun, everyone! When I read this tomorrow, I want ANSWERS AND NEWS!


I play without any extra resources from the back end. I want to have an authentic experience like a real player!

How did you guys decide to start with Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, and the Incredibles as the first 3 movies that people get characters from in the game?

Hello! Thanks for this Live Q&A!

Any words on the process of Returning the Friendship Stories?

It’s still on our list to do! But it’s not scheduled currently.


Cool that all 3 of you answered my question, and thanks :-).

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