Logging problems?

Can’t get in the game. Unable to connect screen.

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same here…

Yeah same here as well no connection to the game at all @Loutre @Nugget

Losing time on war, invasion and contest :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I thought it was my connection problem :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: apparently not only me

Same here

I got on to check if it was just me or not. I can’t connect either.

Weird, for me i thought my internet was the problem.

yup, and it’s also time for me to get the bonus stamina

2 minutes ago, I couldn’t log with my phone, I tried with my tablet and it worked. Now OK with my phone also

Nothing happened

Maybe that issue is over…? Need confirmation :spiral_notepad:

Just got disconnected.

Server’s at it again.

Yeah it’s down for me to

Can’t seem to get into the game. Is there something wrong?

I wonder If these issues could be related to the issues yesterday?

HelpChà chà…, Connect issue.Help

HelpHelpHelp@Polaris @Loutre @Nugget @Elliot, Can you guys look into this?HelpHelpHelp

Unable to login, connection problem it says, but i guess servers are down

Yeah happened earlier managed to get back in now can’t get back in again

Same here, pls fix it ASAP

Not fixed yet. :neutral_face:

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