Long Ears (Rabbit Character Concept)


Role: Support

Position: Rear

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star: :star:

“Why does it always have to be me? Why, Oh why, oh why.”

With a wheelbarrow full of vegetables, Rabbit uses them to keep his allies energize and healthy.

Entrance: Rabbit walks in with a wheelbarrow of vegetables

Victory: Rabbit jumps for joy

Defeat Rabbit falls into his wheelbarrow

Basic Attack: See Passive

White Skill: Pumpkin Pound (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:)

Passive: Instead of a basic attack, Rabbit takes out a vegetable from his wheelbarrow and tosses it to a random ally. Each vegetables would have a different effect

Carrot: ally received X HP

Turnip: ally received 400 energy

Active: Rabbit pulls out a pumpkin. He loses his footing a tosses the pumpkin at enemies dealing X damage and decreases enemy movement speed by 40% for 7 seconds.

Green Skill: Scarecrow Shield: Rabbit sets up a scarecrow that distract the enemy. It has X HP and Rabbit can only make one scarecrow at a time.

Blue Skill: Pest Control (Normal Damage :fist:): When a enemy gets close to Rabbit, Rabbit pulls out a rake and whack them with it, dealing X damage and knocking them back.

Purple Skill: Vital Veggies: In the basic attack, the carrots give out an attack speed increase. The turnips gives out an armor increase. Each buff lasts 6 seconds

This buff is less effective towards allies less than level Y

Red Skill: Smarter Than You Think:

Pumpkin Pound now stuns enemies for 12 seconds.

Whenever Pumpkin Pound hits a studied enemy, it has a better chance of dealing a fantastic critical hit.

the increased chance of a fantastic critical hit is less effective against enemies less than level Y

Z Tenacity
Z Armor Negation
Y Max HP in for the scarecrow in Scarecrow Shield



Campaign: New Bouncing Grounds: Rabbit finds a place in the city as the manager of the community garden (at least in his own mind). He even has a little patch ot his own to make a vegetable garden just like back home. And just like back home, Tigger is always there to pounce him and mess up his garden. Rabbit grows concerned about other gardens being trampled by the bouncy feline. So, Rabbit takes Tigger all over the city to find a new place where he can bounce to heart’s content.

Disk: Bounce Proof

Stars: Scarecrow Shield gives Rabbit a shield for X seconds

Level: Z armor for support allies, Z reality for support allies



Campaign: Harvest Day Havoc: It’s Harvest Day and Rabbit is hard at work collecting enough vegetables for the harvest feast. But several problem have occurred. The first is that he can’t harvest what he needs in time. An easy fix, for he ran into Flik who is happy to lend his equipment to Rabbit. Which brings another problem: Flik’s equipment is much too small to use and would take forever to harvest anything. As things weren’t bad enough, Hopper and his gang had been eyeing Rabbit’s vegetables for some time and plans to steal them for themselves. With the clock ticking, Rabbit and Flik put their heads together to figure how to harvest the vegetables and get them to the feast safely and on time.

Disk: A Plentiful Crop

Stars: Basic Attack is multiply, giving X% the amount to health and energy to allies

Level: Z HP Regen, Z Energy Regen

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time for review

how much energy? this is not something that should be X.

by how much?

you need to fix this :sob:

what buff? it it’s a random buff, just put “a random buff” instead of this text

armor shouldn’t be negotiating, it should be negating!

it should be something like 20% more HP per star rather than just a flat out 2x HP, that’s the purpose of stars

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