Look who it is (fun and games)

[DISCLAIMER]: none of the characters here are confirmed

Welcome to look who it is, the game where we find characters who aren’t confirmed and weren’t datamined and post them here for points. Here are the rules

    The wikis are non reliable and can be edited by anyone, therefore it could be you who edits it
  2. No using any reliable source
    We are going for non datamined characters so it’s obvious

Now the point system

Point system 
  1. Any main character will be 3 points
  2. Minor characters will be 1 - 2 (depending on the character: example: lew zeland from the muppets 2 points for obscurity, Pegasus from hercules 1 for being minor and more well known).
  3. The less obscure the character the more points

Here is what a entry would look like

Milo and David, that is 3 for main character and two for minor but recognized.

In total 5 points for you, to keep track of points I will edit the main post so you can see how many points you have.


@Prince-Aamir ~ daisy:3, prince Eric:3
@Demonic_pixel ~ hortense:2, Finnick odair: I’ll just say 2, lady tremaine:3

Thanks for reading and taking time to look at, hope you enjoy the game.


Also David an milo aren’t confirmed or in game so that’s why there here

What a weird picture of EVE…

So… like this?

Edit: I just realized Simba is on here but it’s the adult version so does it count?

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Why am I seeing a weird picture of EVE? Who in the world would put that? Also, I’m seeing blood on her chest so I don’t think that’s appropriate.


Yeah it counts

Lol I have no idea why the eve picture is there

Some strange ones

Hortense and some finnick that isn’t finnick

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That’s interesting

Finnick Odair is from The Hunger Games series, which very much isn’t Disney. So honestly I have no idea what he’s doing there :sweat_smile:


Boom lady tremaine

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Lol Idk who the last guy is (maybe I should’ve watched Pocahontas

Does this count?

I don’t think so because, I check google and haven’t seen those three ever

Something isn’t right here.

Cricket Green is shown as an Easter egg in that show

Never knew. Just realized there are two Hop Pops.

Well I mean sprig is an Easter Egg in big city greens (along with perry the platypus, Star butterfly, king, bill cipher, and wander)

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