Looking for help in Team Building

Looking for help on building teams with the heroes I currently have. Trying to decide which heroes to wisely invest my resources into.
Here is what I have:
Tanks: Hades, Queen of Hearts, Olaf, Ralph

Control: Cheshire Cat, Frozone, Finnick

Support: Woody, Yax, Linguini and Remy, Kristoff and Sven, Kevin Flynn

Damage: Stitch, Scar, Elsa, Mulan, Pleakley, Dash, Elastigirl, Randall Boggs, Vanellope, Mike Wazowski, Belle, Jak Jak

Thanks for any feedback.

What do you need teams for? If you can tell us we can help you more.

Mushu, mulan, HD&L, eeyore, jafar.

Winning combo for me trust me
Try getting the ones u dont have lol

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I’m new to the game only team level 45 so I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way to progress. So really teams for any scenario

Ok so here are a few. I am not the best at team building, but with what you have here is what I suggest (any of these can be used in Arena, Coliseum, or War). You should try to focus on unlocking more heroes, especially since there are so many great ones you do not have. I would focus on trying to get Support heroes the most since they are really needed with the state of the game and meta right now.

Team 1 (Wonderland/Slow based team)
Queen of Hearts, Cheshire, Finnick, Stitch, and Linguini & Remy

Team 2 (Freeze Team)
Olaf, Elsa, Kristoff & Sven, Belle (she is actually really good), and Frozone

Team 3 (Random/OP/Mulan Team)
Hades, Mulan, Pleakley, Kevin Flynn, and Randall or hero of choice

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Consider utility heroes (those that offer healing, shields and/or buffs like increase in basic damage, faster attack speed). Kevin Flynn’s white skill cleanse prevents any disables and debuffs. Elsa’s freezes are guaranteed not to fail. If Vanellope with Dash disk is on the same team as Elsa, Elsa can deal more damage and so can Vanellope. Cheshire Cat is also good. Kristoff and Sven can also help to increase the duration of Elsa’s freezes and Vanellope’s slow.

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