Looney Lento

Corny Conductor Elmer
Corny Conductor2

“Be vewy vewy quiet, audience. I’m conducting"

This corny concertist may not look slick and he barely keeps his act together, but he’s in the show biz nonetheless. In battle, his crazy antics are sure to heep his enemies down.

1:star:red, Front-line Control, Blue Team

Entrance: Shines a spotlight while he walks in dramatically
Victory: Receives a round of applause
Defeat: His pants fall off
Basic Attack: Pulls a lever and a bush falls off next to an enemy, then a horn blows out, dealing damage and decrease their healing received by X

White Skill: Looney Lento :punch:
Sends a goose at the front-line enemy, then the goose slaps all enemies, dealing damage to all enemies , decreasing their healing received by X and stunning them.

Green Skill: A Haunting Wefwain :punch:
Calls up baby Daffy Duck to peck at a random enemy, dealing damage to them, stealing 25% energy and decreasing their healing received.

Blue Skill: Show Biz Shuffle
Takes his sheet out and gets shocked, increasing attack and speed to all allies and gaining 60% energy.

Purple Skill: All together now
Whenever an ally uses either their White, Green and Blue Skill, increases their attack for 6 seconds. Allies’s Purple Skill activation increases their speed by X.

Red Skill: Scene Partner
If an enemy is immune to an attack or dodged an attack, deals an undodgeable, an attack that can’t be immune of A Haunting Wefwain. Whenever an ally hits an enemy that the enemy’s HP was lower than 50% HP, increases the ally’s speed for the rest of the battle.

+X Skill Power
+X Tenacity
+Damage to Looney Lento


Conductor Elmer/ Michigan J Frog
Campaign: Singing Frog
Allies: Mickey, Alice, Dash
Disk: In the Show-Biz Spirit
Disk Effect: Looney Lento now deals damage over time
+X Attack
+X Basic Damage
+X Crit Chance

Conductor Elmer/ Kermit
Campaign: Clear Banjo Conducting
Allies: Fozzie, The Queen of Hearts, Donald
Disk: Sheeted
Disk Effect: A Haunting Wefwain now heals a random ally
+X Skill Power
+X Armor
+X Evasion

Battle Badge
Charge Condition: Healing receive decrease is applied to enemies
Stat Buff: +Skill Power
Lineup Buff: + Skill Power per Blue Team Ally
Effect Buff: Team heal over time

And + He was based on the Cartoon, A Corny Concreto

Changes to the skill “A Huanting Wefwain”

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