Lord hater wander over yonder concept


“I built it myself”

Bio lord hater has deep hatred of his enemies and with not a lot of mercy zaps them

Stars :star::star:

Roll frontline tank

Trial team red

Entrance lord hater comes in and zaps his hands menacingly

Victory lord hater cackles like drakkens white skill

Defeat lord hater cries like a baby

Basic attack lord hater shoots laser with his hands

White skill h.a.t.e.r.v

Lord hater activates the h.a.t.e.r.v and drives it activating 2 of 5 random effects to 4 enemies each effect targeting 1 random enemy up to 3 random effects cn be on 1 enemy and lord hater gains 3 stacks of hate

Pizza launcher lord hater shoots pizza with razor sharp crust dealing x normal damage and lord hater gains 1 stack of hate per enemy hit

Missile launcher lord hater shoots a missile at 1 enemy dealing x fantastic damage to that enemy and very nearby enemies around it

Fly mode lord hater flys and dive bombs an enemy dealing x normal damage and gains 1 stack of hate

Laser beam lord hater shoots his beam dealing x fantastic damage 1-3 times to one enemy and gains 1 stack of hate per damage dealt

Fist lord hater punches upward applying 5 stacks of fatigue to enemies

Green skill hyper zap lord hater zaps this skill only happens when he does 15 basic attacks all enemies dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies consuming 5 of the stacks of hate and gains 1 stack of hardy per stack of hate this skill does 5% more damage per stack of hate

Blue skill skullship

Lord hater commands his skullship to fire a laser beam dealing x normal damage to all enemies this deals x more damage per stack of hate

Purple skill hates great best villain

Lords haters basic attack has a 37% chance to apply 2 stacks of hate to lord hater

The stack of hate has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill skullcrusher mode

Lord hater gains 20% armor and reality per stack of hate he has

When lord hater crits he gains 3 stacks of hate

Lord haters skullship is now in skull-crusher mode every third time lord hater uses skullship which deals x true damage to all enemies
It also does bonus damage equal to 300% of lord haters armor

Also lord hater has a 40% chance to gain 2 stacks of hate when he is damaged
Friendship with hades

Lord hater and hades have equal rage and fight to see who better rager is

Disk is called the angriest in the galaxy

Lord hater starts with 7 stacks of hate

Friendship with anger

Lord hater goes to anger for management and he learns how to not control his urge to Rick roll hot ladys

Disk is called rolled paper

Lord haters basic attacks deal 30% more damage per stack of hate

Here is some images of the skullship also the skullcrusher mode is silver

Classification of hero

Massive damage dealer and stack related damage increase like disgust and sadness

Don’t say this is spam when you made a concept about 4 hours ago.


Please put more effort into concepts and don’t post more than 1 concept in a day is a spam. Would look at other people’s concepts like zelkiiro they are really good at making concepts


Oh sorry but I could not resist because you can’t have more than 1 draft

That doesn’t give a point you can just write the concept down instead of posting 2 in one day

Ok I guess

Just write your ideas in a google docs or something

No google docks help me in school and dnd

what is dnd

Just create a personal account
And make a google docs

So you like the concept itself

Oh I just copied theoneandonlyhero1 so you are basically insulting my creativity

You copied from them!?

Not the concept itselft (Since they haven´t done a Lord hater concept) But what Dingwall says is that they copied how they organize the concept (Check one of @the_One_and_Only1´s concepts and compare)


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Oh got messed up there

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Sounds a bit vain don’t you think? They’re just trying to help you.


Ok fine but hey good news I am taking a break because I need to think of a purple skill effect and red skill name and effect for cuckoo loca

Well not exactly copied he did not make any of my concepts and I have no idea how to bold white

Well if the community hasn’t flagged the mayor lionheart concept I would say that they actually appreciate me and my creativity but yet it is still flagged and I am very angry

But why did you do this

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