Lost Guild

Hello all!

I m currently looking for member from Chernabog. I was in the guild but I updated my phone and have currently been unable to get into my old account. I have reached out to the help desk but would still like to get ahold of my guild to make sure they know I plan on coming back.

If anyone could help me I would appreciate. The most I know is Ikki was the leader with Henry and Friend Mushu being some top people in it.

Thank you!

What server is this on

Honestly don’t know. I never bothered to look

I didn’t see it on server 2

Server 22. My friend @Missing_Lyrics said they were in Chernabog and on server 22.


Thank you!


Server 21 also has chernabog on the guild list run by ikki crew.

Server 21 has a Chernabog ran by Ikki. The ruler of my guild on server 21 is friends with Ikki.

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