Lou concept (Contest submission)

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Source: Lou
Lou uses themselves to help their team win.
" °…°"
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial team: blue

Entrance: Lou swings in from the top of the screen.
Basic: Read passive
Victory: Lou swings their jump rope (arms) in the air.
Defeat: Lou gets blown away.


White: Lost and found :sparkles:
Passive: Lou takes 70% less damage while they have full energy.
Active: Lou hits a enemy with;

Baseball: Deals X damage.
Gaming devise: stunning enemies for 7.0 seconds.
Skateboard: pushes enemies back.

(At the end of the skill Lou receives a shield for 5.0 seconds.

Green: team play
At the beginning of each wave Lou will apply “found” to all allies.

(Found gives every ally 60% of their make HP if they are below it. If they are higher the that they revive a shield for 9.0 seconds. )

Blue: Taken apart.
If Lou is defeated they will spread their items between all allies healing them Y HP and cursing enemies for X time.

Purple: Sharing with others
If Lou falls below 20% of their max HP they will give them self invincibility for 4.2 seconds.

Red: Lost items
Lou is immune to freeze, silence, stun and armour debuffs.

+Y max HP
+X damage
+Z attack speed.


Lou & Woody
“Kids helped”
Lou gains Y energy each time they use their blue skill.
Unlocks at level 176

Lou & Elsa
“Freeze play”
Each time Lou uses their active a enemy becomes frozen for 4.0 second.
+Y damage.
Unlocks at level 189

This is a submission for @Imagineer_V’s contest. I hope you like it!


Thank you for submitting! SO many great concepts (like over 10 submissions and we are only on day one and I am so shocked it is amazing)

I think someone already made a concept of this or was it you I don’t remember

That does not matter. There can be repeats.

Oh ok then! :+1:

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