Low Skill Point Cap

I’ve always disliked the skill point cap; it’s way too low. One hero needs 800 skill points at level 215. At Yellow 8, it’s 1,100 skill points.

Sure there are skill point consumables and diamonds, but it takes WAY too long to power up a single hero from level 1. Also, the skill point consumables aren’t that common in rewards and deals. This feature should not be just for whales who spend random diamonds or buy random deals with skill point consumables, which are super rare in newer servers. And whales do get more free skill point starts, up to level 65, which is only a little better.

On S21 with a level cap of 215 at VIP 10 (doesn’t count levels 1-40), it takes 640 skill points to max one hero.
My skill point bank is 29 and refresh rate is one every 2:30. So every 72.5 minutes, I have to login and spend the 29 points… 28 times. If I do it on time, it’ll take me 33.6 hours.

Every cap raise, I need to raise the skills of 30 heroes (20 skill points each), which is 600 and about the same as one hero - 28 logins.

My suggestion: Remove the cap.
If you don’t want to and feel like it’s a necessary cap, then increase it - newer server cap at 100 (max VIP: 150).
This is a QoL change. Every month, the problem gets a little worse (20 per hero) and nothing monthly adjusts to that change.


At the very least have the cap raise with each level promotion 29 is Way too Low it’s kinda ridiculous
The worst part of the game for sure

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