Luna Loud the loud house

Description Luna is ready to rock and roll with her guitar on the battlefield

Quote you can’t always get what you want bro

Role support

Trail Yellow

Entrance walks in with her guitar

Victory puts a v fingers in the air

Defeat drops her guitar gets mad
Basic attack musical note comes out of the guitar to enemies

White skill British Luna Luna strum a guitar to cleanse herself and the weakest allies back to its full health

Green skill classic my love Luna pulls out a violin and start playing it granting herself and allies increased basic attack

Blue Skill night club Luna transform herself into one of the ace saavy comic book she sends in shock wave that damge enemies

Purple skill too loud Luna puts on a very loud music that stuns enemies
Red skill night club deals extra damage

Friendship campaign Rockstar Luna and Animal played guitar and drums together until someone arrives and ask them for help

Alias Disgust Sadness Hercules



Campaign witness style Luna and Luan try find a way to get back Royal woods who are lost


Alias Joy Judy Hoops Aladdin

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