Luxo and Luxo Jr. Hero Concept

Name: Luxo and Luxo Jr. (duo team)
:star: :star:, Control, Backline.
Quote: creak
Info: These two lamps have been lighting up the stage since 1986.
Team Trial: Red
Entrance: Luxo hops in, with Luxo Jr. hopping in behind him.
Victory: Luxo hops on Pixar ball, while Luxo Jr. hops on the ground.
Defeat: Luxo tries hopping on the ball, but it pops and the lamps look down.
Basic Attacks: Luxo hits an enemy with his head, while Luxo Jr. kicks a Pixar Ball over to enemies.

White Skill: Lamp Hop
Luxo will hop on top of enemies three times, while Luxo Jr. hops on a enemy once, but dealing higher damage than Luxo’s attack.

Green Skill: Bright Light
Luxo will flash a bright light at an enemy, stunning the enemy for 3 seconds.

Blue Skill: The Big Ball.
Luxo will roll a big ball over the enemies, dealing X damage.

Purple Skill: Changed The Lightbulb
The Bright Light skill now stuns enemies for 6 seconds instead of 3.

Red Skill: Spark!
Luxo Jr. will make a large spark, dealing X damage to enemies.

Friendship 1: Luxo and Luxo Jr, Powerline.
The Stage Lights Up
Bright Light will now start to deal damage to enemies.

Friendship 2: Luxo and Luxo Jr, Genie.
The Wish.
Luxo and Luxo Jr’s ball attack does higher damage.

Have a good day! :grin:


Don’t think they can use them for licensing rights

Why luxo and luxo jr are the mascots off pixar

they are the mascots of pixar, and they weren’t created by anyone else, so they could be in this game. just clerifying.

Remember to do a variable. For example, Every bounce that the Luxo’s do will do X damage. I also think that because they’re being hopped on, a stun would be useful

Light can stun you? I’d be blinded, not stunned. I think it’d be better if it was blinded instead of stunned

This skill is fine, but it’s underwhelming. Does it deal knockback? Does it stun them?

Not bad, but I feel like the effect is too short. Maybe have it be 8 seconds in total?

Purple and Red skills are effects and not extra animation. So you will have to change this to something else.

This is a basic disk, but how much more damage does it do? 20% more damage per star?

Again, a basic disk. And again, how much more damage? 30%? 20%?

This is a decent concept, I like it, I think you can make it even better. :+1:

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They were made by Pixar but the lamps aren’t. There actual lamps like this irl. PB would need the lamps rights to add em in.

that makes more sense. thanks!

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Anytime. (10

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