Luz Tier and other constructive talk

First, tell me if this is the type of post not allowed. Thanks. So, even before we see the numbers, how good do you think Luz will be in gameplay? And what tier would she be in? S, A, B, C, D, or F.

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New heroes already tend to be pretty strong regardless, but… numbers are usually a very important indicator of their strength, so I don’t think it’s really the greatest idea to try and guess Luz’ ranking before we see the stats.


I’m meaning on her skills effects at this point. The numbers will of course be the deciding factor but we have a sneak peak and we can see the skeleton of the skills.

They said in the Patch Notes that they’ll make her a more balanced hero, so I’m hoping she’ll be good, but not to the levels of Eda or Shere Khan.

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For that reason, probably not very good on release, but good when the next patch season drops.
Ofc I could be wrong…

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Yeah, I just hope she’s not one of those controls that could be amazing but has base numbers for the skills in the hundreds…

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