Mabel Pines Hero Concept

Mabel Pines
Gravity Falls

Stats and Information

Role - Damage

Trial Team - Red

Position - Back

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “Hi, I’m Mabel! I’m twelve and own a pig! Wanna get married?”

Bio - Mabel is the more wacky of the two Mystery twins, but she won’t let this stop her from giving the creeps what they deserve. With her grappling hook, incredible golf skills, and Waddles in tow the creeps won’t stand a chance.


Entrance - Mabel runs into battle

Victory - Mabel eats a container of smile dip

Defeat - A totem poll appears and Mabel bangs her head against it, slowly

Basic Attack - Mabel putts a Golf Ball


White Skill - Grappling Hook! (Normal Damage)
Passive : Mabel’s basic attack knocks hit enemies back. Mabel and her allies deal 75% more damage with their attacks and skills to enemies that have been knocked back in the last 7 seconds.

Active : Mabel shoots her grappling hook at the backmost enemy dealing x damage. She then reels the grappling hook back in, also reeling in the enemy. Reeling in the enemy is considered knock back. The hit enemy does 55% less damage with their attacks and skills for 7 seconds. Mabel heals x and gains x basic damage for 15 seconds after using this skill.

Green Skill - Pet Pig (Normal Damage)
Waddles runs through enemies dealing x damage to each enemy hit knocking all hit enemies back and stunning any support or control role heroes for 12 seconds. Enemies who were knocked back less than 8 seconds ago are pierced for 12 seconds. Mabel gains 115 energy for each enemy Waddles hits.

Blue Skill - Sweater Town
Mabel tucks her head into her sweater for 6 seconds. During this time she is immune to damage and debuffs. Mabel gains x skill power and x basic damage for 20 seconds as well as x max hp. Mabel also becomes precise for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Mabel Juice
When Mabel falls below 25% of her max hp she takes a chug of Mabel Juice. This heals her x, grants her energized for 12 seconds, and increases her attack speed by 25% for the rest of the wave. Mabel also becomes invincible for 8.5 seconds. Mabel can use this skill 3 times per wave.

Red Skill - 100 Smiles Per Hour
Enemies knocked back by Mabel are sapped for 12 seconds. Mabel gains 75% of the energy the enemies lose while sapped

Mabel’s allies heal x every time she knocks an enemy back with her attacks and skills.

"Sweater Town" increases Mabel’s movement speed by 75% for 10 seconds.

  • x skill power
  • x basic damage
  • x damage dealt on "Grappling Hook!"


Mabel and Meilin Lee
Name - Hairy-oke

Description - Tank role allies gain evasion, armor, and reality


  • Tank roles allies gain x evasion, x armor, and x reality every time Mabel knocks back an enemy


  • +x armor for Mabel and allies
  • +x reality for Mabel and allies
  • +1000 starting energy

Mabel and Duff Killigan
Name - Putt Putt Perfectionist

Description - Mabel’s basic attack applies weakness


  • Mabel’s basic attack applies 2 stacks of weakness for x seconds.


  • +x basic damage
  • +x reality

This concept was requested by @Bolt_XLVIII.


Its really a huge shame that Gravity Falls is most likely never going to come to this game. The characters feel like they really fit the vibe of the game as a whole and there are lots of potential in movesets. That being said, this is a great concept!! The friendship with Meilin is spot on, and Duff Killigan is a very ingenious friendship because of the golf episode!!

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