Mad Hatter problem

hello @Polaris ,I would like to ask how do you select the badges you add for the new rarity on every hero. My problem is that especially with mad hatter (probably happens with other heroes too but I haven’t checked them) , you give him badges that improve his normal critical. I guess that wouldn’t be a problem even though these heroes dont have skills that deal normal dmg but it is absolutely pointless to have a r13 hero maxed with less than 100 normal critical. since critical gives a chance if its above the enemy lvl which is currently 200!! please can you do some rework on those heroes badges or at least add normal critical to a decent amount so at least will make sense during their basic attacks??
i hope you will at least read it,a response would be nice.
thanks in advance


have I being black marked or something, @Polaris seems to reply on every post on feedback corner except mine :confused: . and I dont think that what I write are that insignificant to be neglected this way :frowning_face:

A lot of heroes have such problems.

If you know more heroes with such problems please do post them here . it is just disappointing waiting for the new rarity badges to come out and see your hero actually being boosted a bit (after all MH isnt good anymore and he was even considered for a hero refresh once, but it seems they abandoned the idea) , and you come across 2 or more badges that they give normal critical!! to whom? a hero that has no normal dmg skill and has a total of 40 normal crit currently… if they gave him like 200+ normal crit , I guess that would make some sense…

Mad Hatter’s basic attacks deal normal damage…

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i guess that we are dealing with kids here that they actually find my reply being rude or something so let me rephrase… of course I know that , if you read my post more carefully you would have figure it out…the problem is ,as I mention above twice , that the normal crit that they give him has absolute zero impact since he has a total of less than 60 norm crit , and In order to have an actual impact you need normal crit to he above of the enemy’s heroes lvl ,which is now 200.If it’s less than 200 then you have 0% chance to get a normal critical. On every case I am talking about maxed hero stats (r13 lvl 200)

I have no idea how PB is deciding what badges goes to heroes. It’s seems very random and chaotic as for now.
Instead of giving Vanellope fantastic crit badges they keep adding normal crit badges which are basically useless.
Louie also have tons of normal crit where he doesn’t need it at all.

Basil lacks of tenacity, they give 10, and what he suppose to do with 10?
Jack Skellington have 170 normal crit where LITERALLY NOWHERE deal normal damage. He only deal fantastic damage, even in basic attacks.
Jessie also gets behind with normal crit.
Buzz have fantastic crit , why?!

And bla bla bla (more heroes), it will be another ignored topic :expressionless:


did you ever get a response on that cause it is really something of great importance… just to be clear I am not asking them to change their strategy of what a hero should have and shouldn’t . I am just pointing out that giving +10 on a specific stat with every hero rarity increse and ending up with less than the hero lvl cap , has truly no impact due to how those stats work (whether its about evasion,critical,tenacity,crit dmg etc) … if it was above hero lvl then I guess it would be something (although not useful)

You could check that topic by just clicking :eyes:
And unfortunately (what a surprise here), no, no response at all, and I’ve created that thread in May, no response, no changes in game, literally nothing.

Like #feedback-corner could just not exist and nothing would be different.


yup , I checked it right afterwards :sweat_smile: . I really dont get it though, why they are doing hero refreshes instead of actually balancing the badges they give on every hero… I guess they do it only on heroes that are currently OP and they are trying to nerf them by not giving them good badges on next rarities just like mulan…but even mulan didnt get such useless badges…(imagine mulan getting +10 or +20 fantastic crit from badge xD )

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