Madame Medusa

Madame Medusa

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Back
Team: Blue

Entrance: Madame Medusa walks into battlefield while looking at her ‘‘Devil’s Eye’’, then releasing that creeps are front of her, hiding the diamond in her pocket.
Victory: Madame Medusa takes out her diamond from the pocket, looking at it with obsession.
Defeat: Madame Medusa tries to shot a bullet from her shotgun but accidentally falls on her back.

Quote: “You get down there and find the big diamond, or you will never see the teddy again!’’

Basic attack: Madame Medusa shots a bullet from her shotgun at the closest enemy to her.

White skill: The Cane Of All Persuades :fist: (normal damage)
Madame Medusa throws her cane to a random enemy, dealing X damage and stunning the target for 10 seconds, the closest enemy of this target becomes charmed for 12 seconds while all other enemies including the stunned enemy get scared for 15 seconds.

Green skill: Brutus and Nero :fist: (normal damage)
Madame Medusa summons her crocodiles to charge at her enemies. The crocodiles bite two closest enemies to Medusa, dealing X damage, Medusa gets healed by 60% of total dealt damage by her crocodiles.

The crocodiles ignore all armor of the enemies.

Blue skill: Bouncy Bullets :fist: (normal damage)
Madame Medusa’s basic attacks gain X splash damage.
Enemies which got hit by the splashed damage gets either stunned for 4 seconds or have reduced armor by X for the remainder of the wave.

Purple skill: Manipulating Expert
At the start of each wave, Madame Medusa chooses one enemy to manipulate.

Chosen enemy’s debuffs duration will be reduced by 95%, basic damage reduced by X and skill power reduced by X, this effects for the whole combat and can’t be prevented and removed.
Madame Medusa also steals every second buff which the target would receive.

While the battle is on auto, Madame Medusa chooses enemy with the highest basic damage.

Red skill: Hungry For Riches
Each time Madame Medusa crits by basic damage or any of her skills her next crit will deal 10% more damage, this stacks up to 20 times and stays between waves.

Madame Medusa gains X armor negation and 150% speed attack when her HP falls below 65%, at that moment Medusa always crits.

Increased crit damage is less effective if Medusa is above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X damage to [Bouncy Bullets]


Madam Mim - City’s Madness


Stealing Core Stats

  • +X HP
  • +X SP to Madame Medusa and allies
  • The target from ‘‘The Cane Of All Persuades’’ has stolen 20% of its normal crit and 20% of armor; this is given to Madame Medusa (+20% per star for both)

The Evil Queen - The Lost Diamond


Scared enemies doesn’t crit

  • +X BD
  • +X reality
  • +X armor lose to scared enemies
  • Scared enemies have reduced chance to crit by 20% (+20% per star)

Great, as usual.

You’re a really good concept creator, you know that?


Man, this is good, did You know that cruella would take the place of Medusa in the rescuers


Read of it… Would be nice too

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Nice Concept! Made one for Penny not long ago…

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People’s concept never stop amazing me. Everyone has their own unique take on each hero and I love seeing it.


Oh thanks…


By the way, why aren’t you Regular any more? False Flaggers?

Most likely, or not giving enough likes.

Idk about this though…

Why not make it True Damage then?

It’s just as having 290 armor negation, and few heroes have this.

And in invasion, mama bot have billions of HP.

True damage doesn’t crit.

Really? Sorry

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