Made a purchase in badge shop by accident but support not helping

Hey @Polaris, can u please look into this issue… I have also played dragon soul both when it was handled by perblue or gree… even they were able to refund the diamonds by taking back the items… can u please do the same here… there r no confirmation button here either if the item is being bought by diamonds… accidents can happen. Diamonds are so rare in the game to get… thnx


I did the same thing this morning. No idea why they think it’s reasonable to move diamond slots around in the bazaar and not have a confirmation button, then turn down requests for refund of accidental purchase. It’s incredibly poor practice.


There really should be a confirmation button.

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There is a confirmation button

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That’s not the confirmation button… in dragon soul they added confirmation button that by doing this purchase your diamonds will be reduced to this… this is just a purchase button same as in other shops … but that’s not the point… in dragon soul in accidental purchase they refund the diamonds by taking away the items which was purchased …


The confirmation for buying something with diamonds is exactly the same as every other buy confirmation, and that makes it easy to make a mistake since it all looks the same.


Exactly - since the diamond slots rotate randomly around, there needs to be an additional step if someone tries to make a purchase.

The thing is, they likely know that nobody would intentionally touch them as the prices are so absurd, which is why they rotate them in the first place to catch people out…


I got some incredibly unhelpful replies from support -

:thinking: think Robert copy & pasted the wrong answer template…

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